how to make best Soup in Tallinn .

Estonians have a deep relationship with food and so to fully appreciate this charming country, you will need to engage your taste buds. Locally grown, seasonal ingredients form the foundations of any self-respecting Estonian dish, whether it’s street food or Michelin star, traditional or contemporary. In fact, foraging, fishing and growing your own food are popular pastimes for many and in recent years, urban garden spaces have grown in popularity among Tallinn’s residents.

Having nurtured a meaningful relationship with the fruits of its land and sea for centuries, Estonia has become the first Baltic state to attract the Michelin Guide writers and in 2022, the first Michelin Guide to Estonia was published. Restaurants are selected for the quality of their ingredients, harmony of flavours and mastery of techniques, among other criteria and so naturally, some of the chosen establishments are included below, such as Lee, Paju Villa, Rado and Tuljak.

Black rye bread, potatoes, wild mushrooms and berries are some of the staples in the Estonian diet. But above all, it’s the source of the ingredients that count and below are some of the restaurants championing homegrown flavours fresh from the talu’s (farms). The Estonian palette includes both earthy, herbal notes from the use of root vegetables and mushrooms to more tart piquancies with fermented produce and berry wines being heavily leaned upon, especially during winter.

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  1. III Draakon
    Add; Town Hall Raekoja plats 1, Tallinn 10114 Estonia
    contact no; +372 627 9020
  2. Rukkilill kohvik
    Add; Kuninga 8 / Kullassepa 13 Kullassepa and Kuninga street crossroad, Tallinn 10146 Estonia
    contact no; +372 5866 5826
  3. Kolu Tavern
    Add; Vabaohumuuseumi tee 12, Tallinn 13521 Estonia
    contact no; +372 654 9119
  4. Kohvik Kreem
    Add; Kiikri 2/1, Tallinn 10159 Estonia
    contact no; +372 660 2210
  5. Soprus kohvik
    Add; Sõpruse pst 195, Tallinn 13415 Estonia
    contact no; +372 672 0990
  6. Comandor
    Add; Linnamaee tee 91, Tallinn 13911 Estonia
    contact no; +372 636 3801
  7. Lime Buffet
    Add; Narva mnt 11d, Tallinn 10151 Estonia
    contact no; +372 600 8411
  8. TUUM kohvik-baar
    Add; Vabaduse vaeljak 8, Tallinn 10146 Estonia
    contact no; +372 644 5926
  9. Grill-Baar Lautanen
    Add; Sadama 6 Kai 5, Tallinn 10111 Estonia
    contact no; +372 5906 8800
  10. Thamm
    Add;Narva mnt 36, Tallinn 10152 Estonia
    contact no; +372 661 6099

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