Soup in the Karachi : The best places for amazing soup

5 Soup in Karachi article brings you as these hot bowls are guaranteed to take away your chill.

There are some days of the winter that require a bowl of delicious hot soup to keep you warm. Karachi being a City of Lights and a City of foodies have many high-end restaurants as well as local roadside stalls that serve a variety of delicious and nutritious soups. In short, Karachi has everything to offer one can expect from this city. So this article brings to you the 5 best soups in Karachi as these hot bowls are guaranteed to drive away your coldness.

  1. Al-Hussaini Chicken Corn Soup
    Al-Hussaini Chicken Corn Soup is a typical roadside soup, located in the North Nazimabad area of Karachi. This soup stall offers tough competition to the other street food vendors in that area. People are usually willing to wait in long queues for their hot steaming bowl of soup. The hot chicken corn soup is a classic soup of Pakistan with all the common ingredients such as soy sauce, hot sauce, black pepper, vinegar, and the thin threads of an egg.

Timings: 3 pm – 12 am
– Chicken Corn Soup: PKR 40/-
Address: Yasin Malik Rd, Block E, North Nazimabad Town, Karachi.

Soups in Karachi
  1. Asli Peshawari Soup
    Asli Peshawari Soup is one of the oldest restaurants selling soups of excellent taste. The soup is famous for being healthy and pure. It is served with pure desi eggs and chicken meat pieces to nibble along with the soup. In winter, the restaurant attracts a lot of customers with its Desi Egg Soup and Desi Chicken Soup. The restaurant has a separate sitting area for families but does not offer much of an ambiance because it is a typical desi place. However, the soups are delicious and tasty making it one of the best places to have a bowl of soup in Karachi.

Timings: 4 pm – 2 am
– Desi Chicken Soup: PKR 40/-
Address: Shop # 109, KMC Market, Paposh Nagar, Block 5 C, Nazimabad, Karachi.

Soups in Karachi
  1. Ginsoy
    Ginsoy is slowly and gradually gaining popularity as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Karachi. The restaurants lets you experience an “Extreme Chinese” experience. The exceptionally good Chinese food along with the contemporary fine dining of Ginsoy leaves you with one of a kind experience. Aside from the authentic Chinese dishes on the menu, they offer a wide variety of soups too.

Some of the famous soups of Ginsoy include Chicken Corn Soup, Hot and Sour Soup, Thai Soup, Tom Yum Gai Soup, Tom Yum Goong Soup, Wonton Noodles Soup, Schezwan Soup, Street Style Chicken Soup with Slims and Manchow Soup. The soups come in two different serving sizes. You can either order a single serving for PKR 290/- or a family serving for PKR 760/-.

Soups in Karachi

Timings: 12:30 pm – 12 am
– Tom Yum Gai Soup: PKR 290/-
Address: Captain Fareed Bukhari Shaheed Rd, Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society (SMCHS), Karachi

  1. Bam-Bou
    Bam-Bou is another Chinese restaurant serving top-class soups. The restaurant has an extensive menu comprising authentic Chinese dishes, appetizers, and soups. Usually, the soup is served with the main Chinese dish but you can order it separately as well.

The soup menu has more than 10 different types of soups featuring Chicken Corn Soup, Hot and Sour Soup, Wonton Noodle Soup, Thai Soup, Szechuan Soup, Eight Treasure Soup, and Chicken Noodle Soup. The single serving of soup costs about PKR 295/- and the family serving at the cost of PKR 765/-.

Soups in Karachi

Timings: 12:30 pm – 12 am
– Bam-Bou Hot and Sour soup: PKR 292/-
Address: E St, F 41/5 Block 4 Clifton, Karachi.

  1. China Town
    China Town is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Clifton, Karachi. They have been serving authentic and delicious Chinese food despite the outdated ambiance and environment. The place is also popular for serving thick and rich soup. The soups are nutritious and filling that can either be consumed as a snack or as a meal. Even though the famous Special Hot and Sour Soup and the Chicken Corn Soup are quite expensive when compared to other places, yet the richness of the flavor makes you want to come again

Timings: 12 pm – 12 am
– Special Hot and Sour Soup: PKR 940
– Chicken Corn Soup: PKR 740
Address: Block 2 Clifton, Karachi

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Soups in Karachi

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