Kauri, suggesting Kauri Shells are mini shells made from all- purpose flour, which is added to vegetable stock/ meat stock to make thick haze.

Kauri is a popular downtime food in the hills and is prepared in nearly every Tibetan ménage on the dusk of Tibetan new time or Losar.

I like using smoked beef as it gives a nice flavour to the haze.


Take a pressure cooker, toast the oil painting and sauté the garlic, onion, gusto, tomato, and crushed pepper sludge. Add thepre-cut smoked beef, cook it for 5 twinkles, add water and pressure cook it for 30 twinkles on low heat.

Let the pressure release and also open the lid. Add peas, carrots, swab and another mug of water and farther boil the haze for another 10 twinkles in low honey.

Smoked buff meat- 100 gm
One big onion diced
gusto garlic paste- 2tbsp
Soy Sauce- 2 tsp
Peas-20 gms

Pepper sludge- ground 1 tsp

Carrots- 2 whole minced

Tomato 1 large roughly dices
swab to taste

Water- 1 to11/2 litre

Diced spring onions for garnishing


While the haze is getting ready, knead a ball of whole wheat flour dough. While kneading the dough you might want to add a pinch of swab for taste.

Whole wheat flour- 300 gm
Water for kneading- 1 mug

swab – ½ tsp

Add the lately made manual shell pasta to the haze and let it boil till the kauri is cooked and the haze slightly thickens.

Take the beaten egg and as the haze is boiling drop the egg into the vessel sluggishly, stirring the haze with another hand. Boil the haze for another 5 mins.

Serve the thick kauri creation in a large coliseum. Add seasonings to taste and embellish it with spring onion.

BUFF BONE Gist pate

This haze polls is each about that broth — bone broth, that is. The rest of this haze is umami-rich andultra-immune-boosting, with racy garlic and gusto, some lush flora for fibre, protein- packed to round out the mess. ”


Although my grandma’s interpretation take several hours, my interpretation is easy, ready in an hour, and has all the comforting rates you want in classic bone gist haze.

2 soupspoons oil painting

1 mug carrots, hulled and minced

1 mug celery, diced

1 onion, hulled and minced small

5 garlic cloves, diced

2 kg buff bones

1 mug carrots

1 tablespoon ground pepper

1 tbsp of diced coriander

1 tablespoon swab, or to taste

100 gms of egg polls( or your favourite polls or pasta)

1 teaspoon bomb juice, voluntary

1 tsp chilli paste

tattling up

Incipiently to bring the haze and the polls together, take a small visage and add some bone gist haze from the pressure cooker, add a portion of the pre boiled pate and farther pustule it for six to eight twinkles.

Garnish it with diced fresh sauces onion and chilli paste.



Every family has their own way of preparing Thenthuk – inversely succulent but then I ’m participating the form, that’s cooked not so in a traditional way. With as many constituents as possible we can actually prepare a complex creation.

The Dough

You can use the left- over dough that’s in your fridge or you can prepare it fresh. For two servings you prepare the dough with 1 mound mug of whole wheat flour in a pot and add about half a mug of water.

1 heaping mug each- purpose flour

mug water, room temperature
/ 4 tsp swab
1 tsp oil painting

The Broth

Take a heavy bottomed saucepan, add the oil painting and fry the atrophied link meat. As the meat gets its golden- brown colour you remove the link meat and keep it away.

2 or 3 tbsp vegetable oil painting

200 grams of link meat

5 clove garlic, finely diced
tbsp gusto, finely diced
small onion, diced
carrot, diced into thin strips
large tomato, roughly diced
to 5 mugs vegetable or other stock
2 green/ spring onions cilantro, diced
Soy sauce or swab to taste

1tsp Garlic chilli fix

The Throw- Down

When the broth begin to boil, you can add the dough. Take a wedge of dough and roll it between your hands so it gets a small longer.

Flatten it with your fritters. also pull the dough off in little flat pieces as long as your thumb and throw them in the pot or if you find this process complicated take a small dough and roll it thin like roti, cut it into small one- inch strips and put the strip in the boiling pot.

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Nothing fancy, nothing new, just a introductory vegetable haze that can accommodate whatever seasonal vegetables available in the request.

Feel free to mix and match vegetable combinations according to what you like and what you have in pass.


2 tbsp cuisine oil painting

5 clove garlic, finely diced
small onion, diced
bunch, baby bok choy
gms dry shiitake mushrooms, soaked in hot water.

4 to 5 mugs vegetable stock or water

50 grams gutted broccoli
1 tsp light soy sauce, to taste

1 tsp chilli ginger, to taste

tattling Up

Coming add the pre cooked pate in the boiling pot and cook it for another 5 twinkles.

Serve it hot in a large coliseum accompanied with your choice of seasonings rather chilli ginger and a gusto of light soy sauce.


A genius person came up with the idea of mixing two topmost soul food togetheri.e our all- time fav momo and thukpa, and it was a SUPER HIT!!!
We generally indulge on mothuk on a caliginous cold evening. We crave for commodity hot and filling and mothuk is just perfect for the rainfall.

Noodle Soup

In a large saucepan, toast the oil painting over moderate low heat. Sauté the onions, garlic, carrots, boneless funk, tomatoes, mushrooms and cook stirring sometimes until the vegetables start to soften. Stir in the funk stock/ water in the visage and boil it for 7 twinkles.

2 tbsp cuisine oil painting
5 clove garlic, finely diced
small onion, diced

2carrots, cut 1- inch strips

1tomato, minced
/ 2 bunch, baby spinach
gms mushrooms, gutted

4 to 5 mugs vegetable stock or water

150 grams funk
1tsp light soy sauce, to taste

1tsp sesame oil painting, to taste( voluntary)


Momos are bogarting( well, they can be). But they also are, in fact succulent on its own. No matter what you stuff them with, the conception of pillowy, soft dough boxing a luscious, super flavourful stuffing is enough to warm you up from outside out.

tattling up

Next, add the precooked pate in the boiling pot along with the momo and cook it for another 5 twinkles. As there’s no previous storming of the momos, itf gets cooked in the haze.

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