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Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia is known for its never-ending array of street food stalls, night markets and friendly vendors offering you just the right choice of food. Cambodian street food stands out because of its open-air markets and night markets that gloom with rustic food joints, wooden food carts, plastic stools and tables and a huddle of tourists walking through the narrow streets. What makes the food even more special is the way it is prepared. Some dishes are authentic Khmer cuisines passed down from one generation to the next while the others are crafted with a westernized twist to it.

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  1. Yakitori Chicken Skewers

Barbecue and grilled meat is the best way to end the night and skewers is just the best option for you. The stall on Phnom Penh’s Street 123 is best known for its mouthwatering Yakitori spit-roasted Chicken Skewers that are sold only during dinner time. The skewers are available with the options of chicken thighs, hearts, veggies, mushrooms, aubergines and cheese. Besides the skewers, the stall also serves a bunch of other dishes like chicken, rice, chips and salads soupe throughout the day.

Location: 52, Street 123, Phnom Penh
Cost: 2000 RIEL (50 cents)

  1. Rice Noodle Soup

The Night Market is a treasure serving the best street food at night in Phnom Penh. Offering a diverse nightlife, the streets are filled with stalls selling grilled meat, smoothies and fried seafood. Do not miss out on the very famous Rice Noodle Soup while you’re here. What makes the night market even more special are the fusion stalls. Many stalls are owned by foreign ex-pats who sell Indian samosas, baba ganoush, dumplings and pizzas distinctively.

Location: Preah Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh
Open hours: 5 PM to 11 PM

  1. NESAT Seafood House

Located in the heart of Phnom Penh, NESAT Seafood House’s main mission is bringing a slice of Kep’s laid back and seaside life to the capital. In Khmer language, NESAT means “fishing” and it’s what NESAT is all about: the fish nets strewn across the ceiling, the painted blue boat-turned-sofa, all in an al fresco setting. In addition, diners also love the indoor-outdoor dining space with long unvarnished wooden tables.

Location: No. 72, Street 446, Phnom Penh [Google Map]
Opening Hours: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM daily
Seating: Indoor (fan) & outdoor

  1. Dine in the Dark

Dine in the Dark (DID) is located very centrally in Phnom Penh and within walking distance from the Royal Palace and the riverside quays. Opened in 2013 in Phnom Penh, DID is a fine dining restaurant in which there are no lights inside. There are three set menu styles to choose from: Khmer, international or vegetarian cuisine. Coming to DID, just prepare yourself to experience an extraordinary journey of eating in the darkness with the help of your sight-impaired guide.

Location: 126, Street 19 | Cross Streets 154 & 172, Phnom Penh [Google Map]
Opening Hours: 06:00 PM – 09:30 PM daily
Seating: Indoor (air-con)

  1. Fortune Pho – Vietnamese Restaurant

Even being a small restaurant, Fortune Pho is a favourite place for many expats and locals for a quick breakfast or lunch. The restaurant has simple decoration with solid, low black wooden tables and stools. As its name might suggest, the best seller dish there is Pho – Vietnamese soup with rice noodles and beef slices, beef meatballs and tripe. The chef doesn’t use MSG but might use sugar and lots of pepper.

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