9 vegetable winter Soup : how to make it

Introduction : Soup

Healthy winter diet: You’ll be surprised to find out the wide variety of vegetarian soups you could try to stay cozy and healthy in this chilli weather.

Information : Soup

Winter chills weighing down heavily on you? You are not alone. Many of us are knackered due to the spine-chilling weather and no number of layers of clothing is helping. Besides canoodling in your thick blanket, if you eat some warming foods, you’ll feel a noticeable difference. Soups in winter are like a Godsend. Hot, straight-out-of-flame light meal and full of nutrients is just what you need to warm up your body and soothe your senses. The nutrients will do their own job of rejuvenating you with a new surge of energy.

If you are a vegetarian, don’t think you don’t have too many options to make different kinds of soups through the season. You’ll be surprised to find out the wide variety of vegetarian soups you could try to stay cozy and healthy in this chilli weather. Winter produce gives us many foods that are fresh out of the harvesting lands and come with their unique health-benefitting properties.

Here are some warming soups you can make with winter-special foods for good health:

Radish Soup with Tofu Miso Cream

The soup is made with popular winter vegetable of radish, which is combined with spring onion, celery and vegetable stock, and garnished with cream made of tofu, orange juice and honey.

Baby Corn Soup

This delicious soup is replete with a myriad of flavours from baby corns along with mushrooms, cabbage and capsicum. A perfect meal to ward off the winter blues.

Turnip and Zucchini

If sabzi made with turnip doesn’t please your palate, use it to make yummy soup. Turnip is flanked with other healthy foods of zucchini and spinach. If you think the veggies are too much, just splay a dash of lime juice and make it taste just to your liking.

Corn And Miso

If you love corns, you’ll love this soup even more. Boil corn kernels and blend to make thick, creamy soup, topped with a drizzle of chilli oil. This is one heavenly winter meal you cannot ignore.


The best way to use winter-special beetroot (chakundar) is to turn it into a delightful soup. Bottle gourd, potatoes, onion and tomatoes bring in their own health benefits and loads of flavours.

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Beetroot And Coconut

Another soup with coconut that you just can’t dislike; because the creamy and nutty flavours of coconut milk will lift up its taste and make it one the best winter meals. A dash of lime will add some zing that you’ll welcome happily.

French Pea

Have you noticed the fresh seasonal peas that you get in winter taste so sweet and delicious? Imagine how a hot, creamy soup made with peas would taste like? Saute peas with onions and boil, then grind to make puree and serve hot with a dollop of cream. Simple, right?

Almond and Mushroom

Almonds have a certain warming property that we can make full use of during winter. Combine some almonds with mushroom and make this mouth-watering soup amped up with some milk and cream.

Corn & Cauliflower

Corn and cauliflower make a great team. In this soup, both these vegetables are accompanied with cashew nut paste, onion, and garlic, and spiced with black pepper powder to make a wintery delight.

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