Australia’s most popular soups of all time .

Australia’s most popular soups of all time

For many Australians, incessant rain has made it feel as though we are already well into the winter months. As the weather cools and the sun begins to set earlier, there’s nothing better than sitting down with a filling bowl of soup to keep warm.

From minestrone to mulligatawny, leek and potato to pumpkin, we’ve rounded up the nation’s most viewed soup recipes.

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1 . Australia’s most popular pumpkin soup
This is Australia’s #1 most-cooked soup recipe of all time and members are raving about it. Find out why!

2 . Potato and leek soup
The whole family will enjoy this easy to make potato and leek soup.

3 . Minestrone soup
Serve this warm and filling soup with some fresh crusty bread to create a winter’s meal.

4 . Pea & ham soup
This is traditional pea and ham soup at its best.

5 . Cauliflower soup
This cauliflower soup is a quick, easy, and comforting winter dish.

6 . Chicken and sweet corn soup
With the last days of winter upon us, this soup has been a Taste member favourite over the last couple of months, so, if you haven’t already, give it a try!

  1. Chicken soup
    Traditional chicken soup is said to cure the common cold. This healthy recipe uses lots of different herbs and spices to enhance the flavour.

8 . Pumpkin and chive soup
This Pumpkin and chive soup is hearty, warming and extremely tasty.

9 . Soothing chicken soup
This delicious soothing chicken soup is sure to warm you up on those cold winter nights.

10 . Ultimate chicken noodle soup
Serve up this classic pick-me-up when you’ve got a case of the winter blues.

11 . French onion soup
Adding lamb to this classic French bistro recipe makes it a hearty cold-weather main.

  1. Thai pumpkin soup
    If you’re feeling time-poor, whip up a pumpkin soup that needs just half an hour of your time and 4 ingredients.

13 . Lentil soup

This old favourite is best served with chunks of crusty bread to mop up every last skerrick.

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