How To Make the Ham Noodle Soup

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 This delicate Ham Noodle Soup is a true comfort mess that the whole family will love. Serve with a side salad and regale roll for a mess that comes together in just about 30 twinkles!

For those of you who live in cold rainfall countries, how are you faring this downtime? I ’m not going to lie. It’s been a bit of a struggle for me.

 Last time this time, we had just returned home from a 7- day Western Caribbean voyage. There’s nothing like escaping the brutal Ohio sub-zero temperatures and head to the warm, 85- degree tropics. I ’m so thankful we( including kiddies!!) got to have that experience, but now I feel like I ’m entitled to have a voyage to the tropics every January. Which makes the argentine Ohio skies a little unsupportable?

 This time, a trip south wasn’t meant to be for us, so I ’m entwining up in front of my bullet cook stove with recollections of beach and sun dancing in my head, a mask, a book, and a coliseum of hot haze. And for this home- loving girl, that’s a enough awful thing. Life is good, and it’s a diurnal choice to find joy in the little, everyday effects to be thankful for all I have, which includes a warm home and a hot mess on these bitter cold days.  

 Last week I spent a morning running between tutoring the kiddies and doing mess fix. Although incinerating sweets is my passion, we do need to eat a good hearty mess every now and also, so when I get the appetite to cook, I try to make up a many feasts that we can have on hand in the fridge. This Ham Noodle Soup was one of those refections. It’s thick. It’s delicate. Packed   full of potatoes, ham, peas and No Yolks ® polls.

 Then’ s how you can make the utmost of your time in making this ham and egg pate haze;

 1. Take a 3 quart sauce visage, place it over medium heat and get the adulation and water heating.

  2. While this is heating, peel and hash up 2- 3 red-bearded potatoes, enough to fill 2 mugs. hash the potatoes small, about ½ inch cells, so they cook snappily. Throw the potatoes in the visage with the adulation and water.

 3. hash up the onion and add it to the potatoes. Cover the visage and let the potatoes poach for about 10 twinkles, until the potatoes are just soft. Do n’t let them get mushy at this stage because they ’ll still have further time to cook.

  4. After you’re done with the onion, put 3 mugs of water on to boil for the No Yolks ® polls. I love these polls. They cook snappily and impeccably, smooth and firm, each and every time! They ’re cholesterol free and come in whole grain, too. Keep an eye on this water and add 2 mugs of No Yolks ® polls as soon as the water is boiling.

5. While the potatoes are cooking and water is boiling, bones 1 ½ mugs of cooked ham. This is a great leftover ham haze form! Set this away.

  6. In a medium- size coliseum, pour 3 mugs of whole milk. I recommend whole milk since this will make the haze the rough it can be, but use lower fat milk if you ’d like. Add ¼ mug flour, ⅛ tablespoon marjoram, ¼ tablespoon pepper and ½ tablespoon swab the milk. Whisk until it’s all combined.

 7. At this point, your potatoes should be soft. Uncover the potatoes and sluggishly add the milk admixture to the potatoes. Stir this admixture constantly, but gently, so that the milk doesn’t scorch. Cook this over medium heat for 5- 10 twinkle until the admixture begins to gently boil and starts to cake. This haze wo not cake much, but it’ll cake just a bit. Flash back to stir so that milk does n’t burn!

8. Once the haze is thickened a bit, add your ham and 1 ¼ mugs of frozen peas. Drain the No Yolks ® polls and add them to the haze.

  9. Allow the ham pate haze to heat through for about 5 twinkles and you ’re ready to dig in!

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