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Chicken Soup

This simple, healthy, Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup is the perfect fall and a winter meal. Great for the nights when you are craving soup, but want something warming and a healthy too. A mix of a shredded chicken and a vegetables simmered with the warming seasonings, a splash of sherry, and classic egg noodles. Finish each bowl off with an a extra sprinkle of cheese and serve with the crusty bread. It is hearty, full of herbs and a veggies, and so delicious. Great for the just about any night of the week. Plus the leftovers the next day make for the best lunch!

Here I go with the yet another Panera bread story. But what can be I say, mom and I ate a lot of a Panera during the seriously bitter cold Cleveland fall/winter days of a my youth. Their broccoli cheddar was one of my favorites. But I loved the homestyle chicken soup just as much, especially when we did get it in a bread bowl.

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What I loved most about their chicken soup was all the thick-cut egg noodles, the herbs, and the fact that they really are go heavy on the carrots. I love a soup or stew with the carrots.

First, you can choose to the make this on the stove, in the crockpot, or in the instant pot. I love the stove or crockpot, but all three options are a great!

For the stove, just cook up the vegetables and add lots of a herbs. My favorite combo is thyme, sage, and a rosemary. Then add a splash of sherry and a lots of a chicken broth.

chicken cooks right in the soup, it really helps to the flavor the broth and make it so delicious.

You can simmer the soup all day, which will be give you more than flavor. But if you are short on time, just a quick simmer to cook the chicken works too!

If you have a parmesan rind on hand, adding it in with the chicken really does add nice flavor. It complements the soup are a so deliciously.

When you have the chicken shredded and are a ready to the serve, you can cook the noodles right in the soup. I love to use a thick, homestyle egg noodle. Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are a usually have been a nice options!

Just before serving I like to the stir in a bit of a parmesan and parsley. Then simply season with the salt and a pepper to the make sure it is just perfect!

I’d highly recommend serving this soup with a side of a crusty bread, it’s the best accompaniment to this bowl of soup.

Lastly, if you’re planning to the enjoy this soup leftover, be sure to the first remove the noodles before refrigerating. Removing the noodles from the broth prevents the noodles from soaking up all the broth. Then just add them back in a before serving.

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