How to make Chicken Corn Soup- Lancaster County, Pa

Chicken Corn Soup up in Lancaster, PA, this haze was vended as a fundraiser by all the levy Firemen Chicken Corn Soup. We would take our own holders and fill up

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You may use fresh or frozen corn. However, cool and do so before adding the rivels, If you wish to indurate the haze.


— haze constituents–
1 whole funk; cut into 8 pieces,( 4- 5 pounds)
quart Water
1 large onion; cut in diggings
8 Whole Pepper sludge
2 soupspoons swab; or to taste
tablespoon Crushed Saffron; or 8 to 10 beaches( voluntary)
8 cognizance White Corn; or 4 mugs firmed sludge kernels
3 stalks Celery; coarsley minced with leaves
2/3 mug Parsley; diced
2 Eggs; hard- boiled, diced
— RIVELS( polls)–
tablespoon swab
1 pinch Pepper; ground
1 large egg; beaten
mug Flour; further if demanded


To Make Soup

Place funk in haze pot with enough water to cover. Bring to a pustule, reduce heat, and skim froth as it rises to the face. When it has subsided, add onion, peppercorns, swab, and saffron. poach gently but steadily, incompletely covered, for about1-1/2 hours or until tender.

Remove funk. Trim and discard bones and skin, and onion. Let haze cool, also skim fat from face. Tear meat into spoonable pieces and return to haze.

Cut kernels from 4 cognizance of sludge, also grate kernels from remaining 4 cognizance using the large side of a box grater, catching all milk and pulp in a largebowl.However, puree half in a food processor or blender, adding a little haze if liquid is demanded, If using frozen kernels.

Add whole kernels and grated or ground sludge to haze along with celery and polls, egg barley, or rivels.

poach gently until sludge and polls or rivels are cooked. Add swab and pepper to taste. Stir in parsley and serve, garnishing each portion with diced hard- cooked egg.

This haze freezes well, but do that before adding the polls, barley, or dumplings. Prepare those when reheating haze.

To Make Rivels

Stir swab and pepper into egg and add2/3 mug flour and beat. Keep adding and beating in flour until admixture is crispy but a bit sticky. Rub between hands or pinch off pea- size pieces and drop them into stewing haze. Cover approximately and let cook for about 15 twinkles or until rivels solidify.

To make the rivels ahead of time, cook them in smoothly interspersed scorching water or some redundant haze stock and also drain and reserve them to be reheated in the haze just before it’s served.



When I was growing up in Lancaster, PA, this haze was vended as a fundraiser by all the levy Firemen Women’s Auxillaries. We would take our own holders and fill up on the haze which contained fresh sludge grown on the neighboring granges. This interpretation of the form is my fave.

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