How to make Chinese Rice Soup – quick and easy .

This Chinese Rice Soup is a really quick and simple soup recipe that’s filling and nourishing.

The Asian infused soup is broth a adapted from my  Chinese Noodle Soup has a depth of flavor that belies the few ingredients called for.

In the spirit of a simplicity and speed.

I’ve just used a fish and choy sum.

But it’s a excellent with shrimp and prawns, chicken, pork and even leftover cooked meats!

Quick and simple Chinese Rice Soup .

This rice soup is a really good and quick low effort meal that’s a extremely versatile.

The Based around a simple Chinese soup broth used in several recipes.

I’ve a previously shared a including this Chinese Noodle Soup.

I think the feedback from a reader is all you need to know about this broth:

What goes in the Chinese soup broth.

In this a recipe . I’m using the Chinese soup is broth to make a rice soup. Here’s what you need a for the broth:


Rice – virtually any standard white a rice will work just fine in this rice soup.

A Long is grain, medium grain, short grain, jasmine, basmati.

I’ve also a popped directions for recipe adjustments required to make this with brown rice .

The most varieties take longer to cook so you’ll need more liquid;

Chicken stock/broth – low sodium is a best.

so it’s a not too salty once you add the soy sauce and Chinese cooking wine . Vegetable stock also works .

Chinese cooking wine – the key a ingredient in all Chinese cooking that adds depth of flavor to anything.

it’s a used in a from fried rice to stir fries and to noodles and marinades such as sticky Chinese Wings Ribs and even crispy Pork Belly.

It’s got a small amount of alcohol in it .

but we are only need 1 tablespoon so the alcohol mostly cooks out during the simmer stage.

Soy sauce – we’re a using light soy sauce here so as not to discolor the rice soup broth.

A Read more about different soy sauces here;

Sesame oil – toasted sesame oil is a added at the end for a lovely perfume of sesame flavor.

The Untasted sesame oil is a yellow and the flavor is not as a strong.

The so don’t use that. Here in Australia and toasted sesme oil is the standard – it’s harder to find untasted.

Fresh garlic & ginger – simmered in the broth to infuse with a flavor .

White pepper – white rather than black pepper is the standard in Chinese cooking so you don’t get a black specks.

But black pepper works a just fine too.

Chinese Rice Soup Add-ins .

This is a the part that’s entirely customization.

I’ve a just used choy sum and fish.

A both of which are low effort to prep plus super-quick to chop.

The Plus green onion to add a touch of freshness at the end.

The See below for an extensive list of alternatives.

its a Basically anything that’s blanch-able!


These are a the add-ins I used and but see below for a rather extensive list of alternatives.

I did say this is was a flexible recipe!!

Fish – I like a using fish because it drops juice that adds extra flavor into the broth.

plus it’s a super quick to cook and requires no seasoning prior to use.

You can use a virtually any fish here – white fish fillets, salmon and trout.

For white fish and firm-fleshed fish are ideal an such as:


cod (all types)






ling (this is what I used)

Fish best avoided include:

The Fish that easily goes dry if cooked too long – tuna, bonito, swordfish, marlin and king fish.

Very oily fish – sardines, mullet, herring and mackerel .

Delicate-textured white fish – Flathead, gem fish hake and sole .

Choy sum – this is a Chinese vegetable which is a widely available here in Australia.

The stem has a juicy bite to it like a soft celery and the leaf is similar to spinach but it’s not as fine.

A Quick to chop and cook.

Any other Chinese vegetable will be an ideal substitute – and other vegetables that can be a simmered .

Green onion – for a sprinkle of freshness as at the end.

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