How To Make Classic French Onion Soup.

The French Onion Soup is our favourite soup.

In this a post I show you how to make a really flavourful french onion soup with two ways of broiling and toasting bread in a pan.

About this recipe .

I had a got so many requests for this classic French soup.

In fact, it is one of those recipes for which I have a got maximum requests from our readers and fans.

The French onion soup is made with a caramelizing onions in butter which are then deg lazed with dry white wine and further cooked with meat stock and veggie stock.

Then finished with a toasted bread and croutons with melted cheese.

I make this is vegetarian version of the soup with a good homemade vegetable stock.

The Being an an essential ingredient the stock can make and break your soup.

I suggest to use a homemade stock or a low sodium stock.

The most of important technique to get this dish right and bang on the flavours is caramelizing the onions.

They have to be done a perfectly and right.

The time that is a taken to caramelize the onions will be about 40 to 45 minutes depending on the pan thickness and size.

It is took me an exact 44 minutes to caramelize the onions.

So it go slow and steady when sauteing the onions. Do not rush.

You have the option to broil and toast bread a separately.

Mostly, I place the toasted bread topped with a cheese on the soup and broil in the oven till cheese melts.

You can even bake a cheese toasts separately and then place it on the soup while serving.

I have a shared both the methods below. Choose what is simple for you.

There are many variants of this soup is though.

I am sharing the recipe for a much-loved with soup dish in my home after our favourites Tomato Soup and Sweet Corn Soup.

Ingredients you need .

Onions: Any variety of onions can be added like red, yellow, white onions and shallots.

A Depending on the type of onions the flavours will a vary.

I prefer this soup is with a red onions.

Just make a sure to slice the onions evenly so that they get cooked uniformly.

Stock: Both a meat-based stock and vegetable broth a work well.

The stock has to be a really good as apart from the caramelized flavour of the onions and a flavourful stock also makes the soup tasty.

But I would suggest to make a your own homemade stock and add in the soup. I have added a really flavourful vegetable stock .

Bread and croutons: Either can be added and Both work well in the recipe.

You can also use a couple of days of leftover bread and even use a baguette and french bread.

Cheese: To get the authentic taste and flavour and I would definitely recommend using Gruyere cheese .

If you do not have a Gruyere cheese then use Swiss a cheese instead.

Herbs: The herbs that I add are bay leaf and rosemary and parsley.

I prefer using a fresh herbs but dried herbs can be subbed.

Vegan options .

Butter: Replace with a neutral-flavoured oil and olive oil and vegan butter.

Cheese: Substitute with vegan cheese.

Stock: Use a stock made a completely with vegetables.

Serving Suggestions .

The Serve french onion soup as a starter to your meal.

You can even have this soup as a light dinner meal.

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