How to make Easy Hamburger Soup.

This Hamburger Soup is a quick and simple meal loaded with vegetables and lean beef and diced tomatoes and potatoes.

It’s a great made ahead of time and budget friendly and reheats well and freezes perfectly.

We serve this simple Hamburger Soup with a fresh green salad and some crusty bread for the perfect meal!

I love a good this soup as a weeknight meal.

the Hearty soups are satisfying & simple and they are loaded with vegetables and healthy ingredients!

Soup is the perfect cool weather food and delicious weeknight dinner!

You can make them totally low call like a Weight Loss Vegetable Soup and nice and hearty like a Chicken Wild Rice Soup and rich and creamy like a Slow Cooker Corn Chowder!

This Hamburger Soup is a simple classic comfort food, hearty, healthy and satisfying.

Perfect on a cool evening to warm a your belly from the inside out.

I have to say that while we’ve always referred to this as a hamburger soup.

I know you guys have tons of other names for it!

This Hamburger soup, vegetable soup, hangover soup, poor man’s soup, bachelor’s stew . just to name a few.

The Regardless of what you call it and you’ll definitely want to make it!

How to Make Hamburger Soup .

A rich tomato broth is filled with a ground beef tender potatoes and vegetables.

Sometimes the most simple ingredients a make the best ever meals.

This hamburger soup is a not only delicious.

it’s a simple to make with ingredients you likely have on hand.

I started with a mixture of lean beef, onion and garlic browned and drained.

You can also use any kind of ground meat in this recipe including ground turkey.

A Beef broth is the best broth option to add lots of great flavor.

I personally prefer the low as sodium variety.

Hamburger Soup with Vegetables.

I use a mixture of frozen vegetables to make this super simple .

but it is also a great way to use up any veggies in your fridge.

A Carrots, celery, peas, beans, zucchini. pretty much anything goes sometimes we make this even with a cabbage!

This is version of Hamburger Soup uses potatoes since that’s how we always had it growing up.

If you don’t have a potatoes on hand you can add any type of pasta into this recipe!

I add an extra 1 cup of broth and let the pasta simmer until tender.

The Macaroni, shells and rotini are favorites to make this into a delicious and hearty macaroni beef soup!

What to Serve with Hamburger Soup.

While the soup is a simmering .

I prepare a quick chopped salad and slice up a loaf of french bread for a complete meal.

If you’re a lucky enough to have leftovers.

this soup is a great reheated for lunches all week but even better as it freezes perfectly!

I prop up a freezer bag in my little baggie holder and fill each baggie with one serving.

When I need a quick lunch and I take it out of the freezer the night before and in the morning and microwave for a perfect meal.

This has been a family favorite forever!

It is gets rave reviews from everyone who tries it.

it’s quick and simple to make a reheats well and is versatile. The perfect soup.

This is a also an excellent gifting soup.

If you know anyone that’s recently had a baby and surgery and is just having an extra crazy week with the kids this is the soup to drop off.

A Add along a side of 30 Minute Dinner Rolls for the perfect meal!

It is stretches to feed a crowd with that salad and bread and will last a few days.

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