How to make Jamaican funk haze form

Jamaican funk haze is on the menu moment! Nothing beats this hearty funk haze dish it’s filled with flavour and truly filling that you wo n’t need any sides.

Fridays or Saturdays are Jamaicans haze days. I do n’t always stick with the haze days.

There are other days that i’d feel like having haze, especially once I am feeling sick.

mists goes down well once you have the cold or flu.

Jamaican mists are cooked with plenty of vegetables and ground vittles in it.

This makes our haze truly filling and that we eat it as a full mess.

The vittles that you simply need to make this funk haze are pumpkin, pusillanimous yam, carrot, cho cho( chayote) and sludge.

If you wish potato you can include it.

you’ll also need the funk, the seasoning( thyme, onion, garlic, pimento, scalllion, scotch bonnet pepper) and a haze mix.

Another thing, Jamaican haze is n’t complete if it does n’t have dumplings in it.

it might feel strange to a Jamaican to have haze without dumplings.

Dumpling is obvious four mixed with with water to form a establishment dough.

Indeed though I add tar to the ingredients below, I tête- à- tête don’t add it when I am making if for myself.

But I notice that plenty of people finds boiled dumpling that is cooked without tar to taste a bit mellow.

utmost time i might add a bit of cornmeal to the flour to switch goods up. Give that a pass and see how you wish it compare to the plain flour.

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Step 1. Wash the funk in juice and water.
Step 2. Place the funk during a large haze pot along with the pimento( allspice), scallion, thyme, garlic, onion, sludge and tar.

Add enough boiling water to hide the food in the pot and put to cook for five to ten beats.

Step 3. Add the pumpkin. I noway peel my pumpkin but you’ll .

Step 4. Add the yam, cho cho( chayote), carrots and therefore the dumplings. Add more scorching water to hide all the food in the pot.

Step 5. Add the haze mix. The haze mix tends to make lumps when you pour it in the haze straight from the pack.

So whenever i’m using it I would mix it with a little bit of boiling water in a little bowl before pouring it into the haze.

Step 6. Add an entire scotch bonnet pepper and cover the pot and let it cook for about 20- 30 beats are until all the food in the pot is fully cooked.

still, also do n’t forget to rate it and leave a comment below, If you are trying this Jamaican funk haze form. I

would like to hear about your experience and your commentary just make my day!

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Jamaican funk haze form

Jamaican funk haze is full of a lot of flavour, from the all the foods that’s added. This dish is additionally truly filling and you won’t have to have any sides.


1 lb Boneless funk
1 pack funk bean haze mix
½ lb Fresh pumpkin Cubed
½ lb pusillanimous yam Cubed
1 Chocho( chayote) Clangor and cubed
1 sludge dig three pieces
2 Medium carrots Peal and diced
1 Medium onion Sliced
4 Cloves garlic Crushed
1 Scotch bonnet pepper
2 Scallions( spring onions) Diced
5 branch of thyme
5 Pimento berries( Allspice)
½ tsp tar Or to your taste

Dumpling Mix

1 mug flour
¼ tsp tar voluntary
1 tbsp Cornmeal voluntary


the way to make the dumpling

Mix the flour and tar( if you’re adding tar) with enough water to make a stiff dough.

Separate into truly small pieces and make round flat dumplings

Prepearing the haze

Place the funk during a large haze pot along with the pimento( allspice), onion, scallion, garlic, thyme, sludge, swab and canopy about an inch with boiling water let it cook for 10 beats.

Add the pumpkin, carrot, chocho, pusillanimous yam and therefore the dumplings. Adding enough boiling water to hide the foods in the pot.

Stir within the haze mix and add the scotch bonnet pepper. don’t cut the pepper, add it whole.

Cover the pot and let it cook for 30- 55 beats. Stir occasionally, take care not to bust the pepper. One the pot starts to bubble, turn the warmth down.

One the food is cooked and therefore the haze take colour, taste the pot if you would like farther tar. you’ll want to remove the pepper at this time.


still, you’ll bust the pepper at the last numerous beats before you turn the fire off, If you would like the haze to be truly racy. But ensure to remove the pepper before you serve.

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