How to make Jamie Oliver Baked Mushroom Soup

 Jamie Oliver’s new, now shrewish cookbook 7 Ways and participated with you his Cauliflower pasta form. Which was absolutely succulent. Jamie Oliver haze from

This time, as you ’ve guessed from the title, it’s his baked mushroom haze we will be cooking moment. And get this, this haze form requires no blending. That’s right. Soup, with no blender demanded!

Jamie Oliver

For those of you who do n’t know. This is Jamie Oliver’s rearmost cookbook release and considered his stylish yet. He takes 18 important- loved, popular and easy to get constituents.

And shows us 7 ways to cook with that component. Throughout the book is further than 120 investigative fashions with maximum flavour and minimal trouble.

It just makes sense. However, mushrooms like we’re moment, If you ’re cooking with say. also the chances that you ’re going to use all those mushrooms in a single dish is slim.

Having 6 further mess ideas you can use those mushrooms for isn’t just a great idea, but is sustainable.

As well as sustainability and going waste free great for the earth, it’s also great for your portmanteau. So it just makes sense.

All that being said, if you want to check out the book for yourself, also your stylish bet is on amazon then.

Step by step instructions

As promised, if the below form is to vague or you prefer prints to go on with your form.

I ’ve included further of a detailed step by step for you to follow to achieve the perfect baked mushroom haze that the main man Jamie Oliver himself would be pleased with.

And so I have collected a list of the constituents for this form with a little bit further information for you;

Red onions

Unlike their popular comrade the white onion, red onions are kindly
“ meatier ” making for the perfect base for stock or stock related fashions similar as mists.

Which is why they’re the go to onion of choice for this form. still, if you only have white onions also by all means, you can substitute the red onions for white onions.

Cloves of garlic

Do n’t have cloves of garlic but do have garlic greasepaint? By all means change out the 4 cloves for 2 soup spoons of garlic greasepaint.

still, if you do this, rather of adding the garlic first thing, add it when you add the mushrooms.

Bunch of thyme

Fresh thyme is always going to be your stylish bet to give this form the true comfort sense. But if you do n’t have any fresh thyme on hand. Feel free to substitute it for dried thyme.


Portobello mushrooms, button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms. With some numerous mushroom options you may be wondering which to go for! And to be honest, it does not really count.

I used button mushrooms for the form but feel free to go wild.

If you really want to impress with your baked mushroom haze go for a mushroom medley.

Sourdough chuck

Sourdough is naturally leavened chuck
, which means it does n’t use marketable incentive to rise.

rather, it uses a ‘ starter ’ – a fermented flour and water admixture that contains wild incentive and good bacteria – to rise.

utmost shops have some kind of sourdough chuck
so I do n’t suppose you’ll be floundering important to find this. Indeed if you have to get a lower fresh, pre sliced and packaged interpretation.

Veg or funk stock

Making your own stock will always be better because you have the option to change and make it impeccably suited to your own flavour preference.

still stock cells vended in shops are so much easier and taste succulent as is.

So it’s your own preference which you go for. It goes without saying if you ’re submissive go for the veg stock as opposed to funk stock.

Gruyere rubbish

Gruyère( pronounced” groo- YAIR”) is a smooth- melting type of Swiss rubbish that is made from whole cow’s milk and generally cured for six months or longer.

Although this rubbish is generally extensively available in utmost shops. It’s not always the cheapest.

As for backups, if you ca n’t get your hands on gruyere, you can also substitute with Emmental, Jarlsberg, Beaufort, comté or raclette.

still, chances are if you cant find gruyere, you cant find those backups moreover.

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2 red onions

4 cloves of garlic

½ bunch of thyme

300g mushrooms

300g sourdough chuck

1 Litre fresh veg or funk stock

70g gruyere rubbish


Preheat the roaster to 180 °c. Peel and bones the onions and finely slice the garlic.

Place onions and garlic in a large visage on a medium-low heat with 1 teaspoon of olive oil painting. Strip in the thyme and cook for 10 twinkles, stirring regularly.

Whilst the onions, garlic and thyme are cooking down, slice the mushrooms and tear the sourdough chuck
into 4 cm gobbets.

Stir the mushrooms into the visage, pour in the stock and bring to a pustule.

Add the chuck
also grate in utmost of the rubbish. Stir well also transfer to an oven dish and grate over the remaining rubbish.

Singe in the roaster for 25 twinkles or until dark golden and veritably thick, Season to perfection also serve speckled with redundant abecedarian olive oil painting.

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For component negotiations and step by step prints see over.

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