How to make keto broccoli cheese soup recipe.

There has not been a more Keto soup than a Broccoli and Cheese. While in the original recipe generally includes flour and the milk to make a roux to give you a thick soup, it is a completely unnecessary. In my recipe I have kept it is a really simple and used in the broccoli stalks which I puree to give in the soup body. The heavy whipping cream and the cheese as well add body to the soup. It is a perfect for a cold winter day and is such a hearty soup it would even warm in the cockles of the Night King’s cold dead heart. Anyway, enough jabber jabber, enjoy in the recipe.


How do you like your soup?
The beauty of the soup, in general is that you can be have it cold or a hot, you can be have it thick or a thin, chunky or a smooth, it is just a wide range of the options when it comes to making it. For in this recipe I chose to the strain it through a sieve for a nice velvety texture but at the same time I left most of the florets intact so I still get that nice chunky bite when eating it. I have used a onions and garlic in this soup and if you want to lower in the crab count even more you can be go right ahead and skip those. To give to your soup an a extra fat boost just add to a tablespoon of the butter on it while serving. You can be also a chop up some chicken and add it and an a egg yolk can be a added for a extra creaminess.

If broccoli is not your cup of the soup, you can try my recipe for a Keto cream of the chicken soup or try my Asian style seafood soup.

Nutrition Info (per serving)
Calories: 178
Net Carbs: 4 g
Carbs: 6 g
Fat: 15 g
Protein: 5 g
Fiber: 2 g

500 grams broccoli
50 grams Onion
10 grams garlic
500 ml Vegetable or a Chicken Stock You can also use a water I recommend this one
150 ml Heavy Cream/Double Cream
100 grams Cheddar Cheese
3 Tbsp Butter I recommend in this one
1 Tbsp olive oil I use in this one


Clean and cut in the broccoli and separate in the florets and the stalk. Roughly chop in the stalks and dice up the florets into a small pieces.

Heat up a tablespoon of the olive oil and a tablespoon of the butter in your saucepan and once melted add in a one roughly chopped onion and in the broccoli stalks

Cook on a medium heat till they are start to the brown and then add in the garlic

Once you start to see some co-lour season with a salt, pepper, paprika and cayenne pepper and cook out in the spices for a minute

Deg-laze with a chicken or vegetable stock and cover and cook for a 5 minutes

Transfer in the cooked veggies to a food processor and blend with in the liquid till you get a smooth and creamy soup

In the same pan heat 2 tbsp butter and fry in the broccoli florets. It is best to the start cooking and not move them and allow them to get a nice char for that lovely roasted flavor.

Once they have a some nice co-lour pour in the blended soup mixture through a sieve into the pot. For a chunkier soup you can be a skip using in the sieve.

Allow in the mixture to come to a boil and then simmer for a few minutes.

Add in your heavy cream and cheese and mix well.

Cook till all the cheese has a melted and you have a nice creamy soup. You can at this point use to your immersion blender to puree in the florets and break them down further if you like

Serve hot!


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