How to make man-chow soup for a cold.

Having a Cold?Comforting Soups to warm you up

Soups are like a warm motherly hug when having a fever and cold. A good bowl of soup can not only uplift your mood and calm you down, it can relax your tensed up nerves and help you have a good sleep too. Soups are not only delicious but healthy too. They are packed with vegetables and full of nutrition. Here are 5 comforting soups you need to have when suffering a cold/fever:

Clear Mushroom soup

The earthy flavor of mushrooms is at its best pureed into this soup. This soup’s rich hearty flavor will easily satisfy your mushroom cravings while relaxing your mind and body.

Tomato Basil soup

Craving for a pizza when sick? Well, that’s not an option. But how about this Italian soup with fresh plump red tomatoes . The goodness of basil, onions, and garlic, seasoned with Italian herbs and cream bring an amazing taste to this absolute classic

Man-chow soup

Craving for a take away Chinese? Then this one is a must-have. One of the popular soups of Chinese Cuisine is the Man-chow Soup. Because of its hot and spicy taste, this is very good for people whose taste buds have gone sour due to the fever.

It includes scallops, ginger, carrot, French beans, coriander leaves, mushroom, capsicum and flavored herbs served with fried noodles.


Sweet Corn soup

Crushed and whole sweet corn comes together with a colorful assortment of juicy vegetables in this sumptuous soup. So good that your insides will feel goods.

Tomato Dhaniya Shorba

Taste-buds wanting something spicy to let the juices flow? You need this popular Punjabi delicacy. The Tamara Dhania Shorba is also the Punjabi’s version of the popular tomato soup. Served piping hot, this Shorba combines the goodness of tomatoes and coriander.

These were few of the comforting soups that you can have to relax the uneasiness. Be it any cuisine, any time of the day, any weather or any mood, A Good soup is one of the prime ingredients of a good living.

Do you know of any other comforting soups to warm you up? Tweet to us Cooking and we’ll feature them on the list. Get well soon!


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