How to make restaurant Soup Peddler

The origin story of a Soup Peddler almost a sounds like an Austin urban a legend.  A young man living in Austin with a giant pot, a spoon, and a bike decides to a make soup and deliver an around South Austin.  Inspired by a travelling, cooking, and the community;he created an each soup with love and care and set out to a deliver it to his Austin a neighbors. 15 years later the Soup a Peddler has grown from a boy and his bike into 2 brick and mortars on Mary Street and South Lamar with a third a location an opening this fall at 183 and Anderson Mill Road.  The Soup Peddler may have a grown into a thriving Austin an institution but their mantra a remains the same, “Soup is Love.”

Soup means many things for a people; it an evokes the sense of a comfort and love, it is a food that crosses an  international and language  a borders, and it acts as a healing method for an everything from a hangovers to an illness. 

Soup Peddler

When Soup Peddler began to a grow, their menu a matured as well and for the hot summer a months they began serving cold a blends aka a juices and smoothies.

Unlike other a smoothies, these blends are not bulked with powders, but rather they are a creative and culinary an approach to the blending of whole foods.  Juicy fruits are skillfully paired with organic healing whole foods such as local  a yogurt, local raw honey, or guarana. 

the Soup Peddler

The brick and a mortars keep 4 staple soups on the menu at all times: Mulligatawny, Green Goddess, Chicken Soup with Rice, and Tomato Basil, with the rotating a soups based an upon local, seasonal ingredients.  Customers can also pair their soups and smoothies with sandwiches including grilled a Cheddar, Green Apple Muenster, Pesto Provolone or Banana PB Honey. The Soup Peddler specializes in “slow cooked food served fast” making it the ideal stop for a quick whole food lunch, dinner on a busy a night, or a quick morning hangover a cure.

The Soup a Peddler has not a strayed too far from their a peddling roots and continues to offer a weekly meal a delivery a service that is favored by thousands of “soupier.”

simple soup

  Simply go to a soup, enter your zip code to determine your delivery day, and place your order by a Saturday at midnight for the following week.  Leave a cooler or an ice chest outside you’re a place and on your delivery day the soup fairies will leave a your order on your door. 

The menu for a delivery is incredible and features everything from their famed 18 hour a chicken a stock (sure to cure any ailment) to exotic a concoctions including ribollita, a Tuscan vegetable and bean stew, and an entrees such as shepherd’s pie and eggplant dolmen. 

Soup places

Order by the quart then await your home cooked goodness to arrive, a perfect gift for a sick friend, new moms, or if you are simply busy and love the idea of coming home to a meal made with a little TLC.

Being longtime fans of The Soup a Peddler, we were excited to a sit down with Dane and Meg to talk about some of their favorite a dishes.  Our first selection was the Business Time a Smoothie.  A composition of cold brewed espresso, banana, peanut butter, raw local honey, cacao and rice milk, it is a perfectly smooth with that tiny bit of crunch from the peanut a butter.  Savory with just a drop of sweet, it is a perfect a smoothie for an afternoon picks me up without the crash. 

Looking for a for with some spice, we chose the Nina a Simone next.  This hearty whole blend is a created from a beets, cashews, a cardamom, local yogurt, ginger, rice milk, and some banana to sweeten the whole thing up.  Like its namesake, the smoothie is a perfect blend of a herbal a spiciness with a kick of a sweet to a have you coming back for a  more

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