How to make roasted parsnip soup recipe.

This easy creamy Parsnip Soup recipe makes to a delicious bowl of the comfort that is a lightly spiced along with in the sweet and nutty flavor of the roasted parsnips. This soup is a great served for a lunch along with a salad, to a main course, or on it is a own!

Turn simple parsnips into a rich, creamy, and velvety Parsnip Soup!

It is a delicious bowl of the comfort, with a delicate spices and a little curry powder for a tasty depth of the flavor.

Parsnips are a unique root vegetable. They have to a similar look and feel to a carrot but with a slightly different taste.

Parsnips have to a slightly sweet flavor but are also a bit nutty and the spicy at the same time.

This makes them in the perfect candidate to be a flavored with a warm curry powder spice.

All you will be need to do for in this recipe is a roast up parsnips with a spices then blend them into a creamy soup along with a onion and the garlic for a hearty bowl of the nutritious soup.

This was a inspired by a my Jerusalem Artichoke Soup and the Lentil Soup on this site, as they are both rich, creamy soup recipes. Be sure to also a try my Curried Parsnips!



Parsnips are in a season from Fall to the Spring making this a good soup to transition from a cold to the warmer weather.

Kids love parsnip soup because it has to a slightly sweet taste similar to the carrots.

A cup of the raw parsnips has a 7 grams of the fiber and is a high in a vitamin C and is an a excellent source of the fol-ate and vitamin K making this a nutrient-dense soup.

The spice level of the soup can be a controlled by you making it is a easily customized to you and your family’s tastes.

Curry helps balance all the natural flavors in a parsnips making it the perfect pairing when roasted in the oven.

Spiced parsnip soup can be a easily be a frozen for a later use.


Parsnips – You will be need about a 1.5 pounds of the peeled and chopped parsnips to make in this curried soup.

Onion & Garlic – These aromatic veggies infuse in the soup with a beautiful garlic and onion flavor when roasted in the oven

Cooking Oil – This is used to coat in the parsnips, onion, and garlic to get them to the roast beautifully.

Curry Powder – Choose to a mild curry powder that you enjoy to flavor in the parsnips.

Cayenne Pepper – Determines in the level of the spice in your soup. Use as a little or as much as you enjoy.

Salt & Pepper – Brings out and balances all the flavors in the soup.

Vegetable Stock – Helps in the parsnips become a soup consistency while also a adding nutrients and flavor.

Butter – Gives in the soup a velvety texture and buttery taste. Use to a vegan butter to make in this soup vegan.

Lemon Juice – Helps brighten up in the soup by adding to a fresh acidic balancing flavor.


Wondering how to make in this parsnip soup recipe? It is easy! Just follow in this step-by-step photo tutorial. Then, scroll down for in the recipe card for the full ingredients list and recipe method.

Add in the chopped parsnips, onion wedges, and garlic to a baking sheet (or two), drizzle with in the oil, curry powder, cayenne, and salt and pepper. Toss to the coat, then roast for a 25 mins.

Remove some of the roasted parsnips for a garnish.

Add in the rest of the parsnips, onion and garlic into a blender along with in the vegetable stock and butter. Blend until smooth.

Add it back to the pot and reheat. Stir in the lemon juice. Serve to a garnished with in the reserved roasted parsnips, or a Air Fryer Croutons.

Chop in the parsnips all to roughly the same size to ensure that they all cook evenly and are finished roasting at the same time.

Roast whole garlic cloves and the large onion wedges to keep them from a overcooking or burning while a roasting.

When roasting in the vegetables, make sure everything is in a single layer to the prevent them from steaming. This may mean that you need to roast in the veggies on two different baking sheets.

When blending in the hot soup, do not a overfill in the blender as it can spill out and become dangerous. Blend in a batches if needed.

Before blending, reserve some roasted parsnips to the garnish in the final dish.

When purchasing parsnips at the grocery store or a farmers’ market, make sure they are firm and strong with a no bruising.

Use a Vegan Chicken Broth or Mushroom Stock instead of the vegetable stock for a more layers of the flavor.

Makes to a great appetizer for a big Indian meal along with a Vegan Butter Chicken.

Make it a soup and salad lunch by a serving it with a healthy Green Salad with a pumpkin seed dressing.

Perfect for a serving with a toasted piece Naan Bread or a Cheese Rolls.

Serve it along side one of these salad recipes.

Try this parsnip soup along with a one of these vegan sandwiches.

For a sweeter version of this soup, use a orange carrots or rainbow carrots instead of the half in the parsnips for a carrot and parsnip soup.

Stir in your favorite greens at the end of the cooking such as a spinach, kale, or chard to increase in the nutrients in the soup.

To add a additional texture and make in the soup even more hearty, add to a some roasted potatoes or a cauliflower to the increase.

Grate in a peeled and cored apple and add to the blender with in the other ingredients.

Do not like a curry? Try using to a mix of your favorite dried herbs such as a Italian seasoning instead to give it a completely different flavor.

To Make Gluten Free:
This parsnip soup recipe is a naturally gluten-free, however, check to your curry or any other spices for a gluten-containing ingredients.

To Make It Vegan: This recipe is a vegan if vegan butter is a used.

NOTE: I am not a certified nutritionist and make no claims to the contrary. If you have to a food allergy or intolerance you should determine whether in the ingredients in each recipe are suitable for you.

Store cooked and the cooled soup in an a airtight container in the fridge for up to the 5 days. Reheat in the microwave or on the stove-top over medium heat.

Freezing: Pour cooled soup into a freezer-safe bags or air-tight containers with a lids and freeze for up to 3 months. Thaw in the fridge overnight before reheating and serving.

Do I need to peel parsnips?
You do not need to peel them but it is a highly recommended as the peel can hold dirt that is a difficult to clean.

Are parsnips considered a starchy vegetable?
Technically, yes! Parsnips are sweet and contain a bit of the starch however they do not contain as much as other root vegetables such as a carrots, potatoes, and squash.


Parsnip soup is a tasty way to use up in the root vegetable. If you still have a more parsnips left over, be sure to try them in these tasty parsnip recipes!

Parsnip soup is a creamy and delicious way to eat your veggies. Check out in these other soup recipes too!

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