How to make soup 5 A Day Easy Way: The Facts Behind Soup loge’s

According to the NHS, 74% of the UK do not get their 5 a day, with the average portions of fruit and veg consumed just 3.6. Men are less likely than women to get their 5 a day, and 16-24-year olds are the least likely adult group to get their 5 a day.SOUP

Why do you need to get your 5 a day?
The truth is that, according to WHO research, 85% of cancers are avoidable. Of these cancers, around half are related to bad nutrition; which can be avoided by consuming a balanced diet.

Children are even less likely to get enough fruit and veg than adults, with only 16% of those aged 5-15 eating five portions per day. That means five out of six children are at a higher risk of nutrition deficiency as well as a variety of health issues in later life.

There must be a simpler way?

Getting your daily fruit and veg is one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy and ward off any illnesses.

80 grams of fruit or veg equals one portion, so you need to consume 400g of fruit and veg to get your 5 a day. However, some root vegetables like potatoes, cassava, and plantain don’t count.

Consuming just 200g of fruit and veg, roughly 2.5 portions or half your 5 a day, is enough to offer considerable benefits. Studies showed that a 200g daily intake reduced risks of heart disease by 16%, reduced chances of strokes by 18%, reduced risks of cardiovascular disease by 13%, as well as leading to a 15% less chance of premature death. What’s more, 200g fruit and veg per day has been shown to reduce the chance of getting cancer by 4%.

Why do people not get their 5 a day?
Time – People nowadays are just so busy, turning instead to fast food to save time. There needs to be an alternative which provides them with all the nutrients and benefits that they need in one meal.
Unaware of the health benefits – Many are not adequately informed on the health benefits that consuming your five portions of fruit and veg offers. For example, a high intake of fruit and veg has been linked with a 5.5 times reduced likelihood of developing stomach cancer. These are extraordinary benefits that people just do not realist /.

Taste – Some just do not like the taste of many fruits or vegetables. Sometimes this is because of not being introduced to many fruit and veg in childhood. Yet, eating your 5 a day needn’t be boring. Roasted, sautéed, mashed; there are a variety of ways to make getting healthy more fun and tasty.

Misconception of cost – Fruits and vegetables are actually some of the cheapest items sold in supermarkets, especially compared to meats and alcoholic beverages. Yet some dismiss them as expensive without doing their research. Being healthy has never been so affordable.

The Collection
Our first collection features three incredible flavours: our Red Soup, Orange Soup, and Green Soup.

Red 5 A Day Soup


Filled with goodness, the Red 5 A Day Soup contains red cabbage, sweet potato, beetroot, cooking apples, carrots, onions, and more. This mix of ingredients has been shown to significantly reduce cholesterol, and adds the fibre you need to prevent some cancers and heart disease.

A delicious mix of fruits and vegetables, our Orange Red 5 A Day Soup contains carrots, butternut squash, onion, mango, yellow peppers, coriander, tomatoes, and a little bit of red chilli pepper and fresh coriander. Not only do these vegetables ward off cancers and strokes, but the mangos within our Orange Soup are associated with 34% less sick days off compared with those who do not get enough Vitamin C in their diets.

Green 5 A Day Soup


Our wholesome Green 5 A Day Soup contains peas, cucumber, broccoli, spinach, celeriac, and onion. Due to the multitude of dark green leafy vegetables contained, this soup helps build bones in the same way dairy products do. Additionally, spinach is known for helping to prevent cataracts and other age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in over 55s.

Moving beyond 5 A Day to 10 A Day


As advocates for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, Soupologie are proud to release a collection of soups that provide your 5 a day in one meal. However, ideally our soups should add to, not replace, your daily fruit and vegetable intake.

Adding one of our 5 A Day Soups to a healthy diet moves you towards your 10 a day. Eating 10 portions (800g) fruit and veg per day is associated with astonishing health benefits. These include 24% less risk of heart disease, 33% reduced risk of a stroke, 28% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, 13% less chance of developing cancer, and a 31% reduction in chance of dying prematurely.

Overall, our soups are not just a tasty comfort food, but a vessel to allow you to help yourself. As always they are free from all thickeners, preservatives, and any other nasties. They are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as well as being gluten and dairy free. Moreover, along with all of our other soups our 5 A Day Soups proudly boast a green traffic light across the board, and contain between just 239 and 274 calories per 600g soup. They are an ideal option for those who want to get their 5 a day easily, whilst also keeping the calories low and nutrition levels high.

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