How to make soup starter recipe.

Magic Soup Starter

Before soup season comes soup-starter season.
When my husband Edge farmed in a Alaska, this was the “magic stuff” that are started many meals throughout in the winter months. If you do not have a veggie stock on a hand, in this preserve will be make up for it fast. (I once had to a roommate who always remembered to put a veggie scraps in the freezer. When the bag was a full, she would pull it out to make a stock. It always impressed me. To this day, I still do not remember to do this).

The magic soup starter is a vegetable-salt in a preserve. With a more salt than a kraut, it will be keep without a fermenting.


You can use a any combination of the vegetables. Here are my favorite:


You can go a beyond in these veggies, and add to a kale, beets, or a any other root vegetable (just be a aware that beets will be turn to your stock red). Alternatively, keep it is a simple with a celery, carrots, and onion. The only rule in this recipe is a 5 lbs of the vegetables to the 1 lb of the salt.

Once made, store in the soup starter in a cool, dark place (we keep ours in the pantry). We always go through it within a 2 months. Kept a longer than 3 months, the color in the vegetables will be start to the fade.

Magic Soup Starter
Recipe type:
vegetable-salt are preserve

5 lbs of the vegetables—any combination of:
1 lb salt


Grate or a finely chop in the vegetables and herbs
Weigh vegetable mix to the 5 lbs
Add to a 1 lb salt
Mix a thoroughly

To store, pack tightly into a glass containers
To use:
Saute 1 heaping TBS of the soup starter in a 1 TBS olive oil for a 2-3 minutes. Add to a 4 C water, bring to a boil. Strain out in the veggies for a straight stock, or keep them in and add fresh vegetables to make a vegetable soup.


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In a German Aldo stores (actually any grocer store over there) they have a little packets of the “Sup pen Grues”. The German soup vegetables are carrots, leeks and celeriac (or a celery root) and usually a bit of the parsley. Though, it may be also a include parsley root, onion, rutabaga or a thyme depending on the region. These are soup starters which are cooked until limp (~ 10 min. but do not brown them) before adding in the rest of the ingredients for a soup. I have to a noticed that they have a frozen packages for a sale in a Canadian grocery store (frozen vegetable mix for a soup) and even packages of the frozen Misreport and what ever in the Spanish/Italian mix with a sweet peppers what ever that is a called! You can buy in the ingredients when they are available ,cut them up and freeze them until you are ready to use them to make a soup etc.

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