The Want an simple potato soup recipe?

Well, we have got a you covered with this collection of simple -to-make soups with potatoes.

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it is Choose from over 40 mouth-watering and deliciously simple potato soups that will keep you warm and full this winter.

A Listed below are simple soups with potatoes and also helpful tips for making the best potato soups ever.

At the start of this article and you will find information on things like selecting.

the best potatoes for a soup right through to how to make a creamy smooth potato soup without using a blender and more.

The Further down on the page . we have separated a collection of recipes into three categories.

The stove top soup recipes and slow cooker potato soup recipes and instant pot recipes.

So, whether you are looking for:

cheesy potato soup,
leek and potato soup,
loaded baked potato soup,
four ingredient potato soup,
potato and vegetable soup
Or would like to make some new potato soup recipes we have got you covered.

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White a potatoes are neutral in flavor and they are a good base for so many dishes and including soups.

If you want a potato that holds its shape when cooked and choose a boiling potato and these are usually waxy and will cook without breaking down.

If you are a going to puree the soup.

it does not a matter what white potato you choose.

The Another potato to use is sweet potato.

The Sweet potatoes cook quicker than white potatoes and because of this you need to be a careful not to overcook them.

If you are making a soup and want chunks of sweet potato and rather than broken down mush .

add bite-sized pieces of sweet potato toward the end of the cooking time.

Boil the soup is until the sweet potato cubes are soft and still holding their shape.

It could a take between 5 – 15 minutes and longer and depending on the size of the sweet potatoes.


The Potatoes should not be overcooked and especially when making chunky potato soup because they can break a down and lose shape.

If you are making a pureed potato soup.

it does not a matter if the potatoes are overcooked because you will be breaking them down anyway.

Potatoes are ready to when a fork goes into the potato without any resistance and slides off when removed.


There are two kinds of potato soup chunky and pureed.

A Chunky soups are soups where you can visibly see the ingredients in the soup.

The Purred soups are chunky soups that are processed with a blender and made into a smooth liquid.

This is Chunky and pureed soups have a similar start and such as some of the ingredients may be sautéed and fried to bring out the flavor.

Then a liquid is added to the pot .

it is could be water, vegetable stock, chicken stock, beef stock, and dairy or non-dairy milk.

The Potatoes and other ingredients are added at various stages and cooked until soft and tender to make chunky soups.

Chunky soups can then be a blended down and made into pureed soups.

If the soup is going to be a blended smooth and make sure that all the ingredients are very soft and there are no hard ingredients like bones.

A Bones can splinter when processed and cause a choking hazard if consumed and they may also end up damaging your blending equipment.


You can also use one of these methods to puree soups:

A stick blender is a perfect for pureeing soup and the soup can be puree while still hot and in the pot.

When using an a immersion blender and make sure that the blade always stays submerged in the soup while pureeing it.

If is not immersed in the liquid and hot soup can splatter everywhere.

A food processor is also suitable.

However, allow the soup is to cool down to a warm temperature before processing.

Because if you do not cool the soup and the heat from the soup will cause pressure to build up an inside the jug.

And when capped and under pressure and the lid can blow off throwing hot soup everywhere when turned on.

So, always allow the soup to cool down to a warm as temperature before processing and blend in small batches.

A sieve is another method of pureeing a soup.

It is does require some of elbow work.

Allow to soup to cool down to a temperature that you are comfortable working with to avoid a burning yourself.

You will need a large sieve with a fine mesh for this.

Place the sieve over a large saucepan that is a big enough to hold the amount of soup you made.

The Use a ladle and spoon some of the cooked vegetables and liquid into the sieve.

A Use the back of a metal spoon to push the vegetables through the mesh and into the saucepan.

Repeat the process until you have a pureed all the soup.

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