How To Make Spicy Chicken Udon Noodle Soup.

This is spicy chicken udon noodle soup is a super quick and delicious noodle soup recipe .

that I love to make for a lunch. It is super flavoured as has fresh vegetables and is perfect for anyone who loves  Asian foods!

If you’re a looking for a quick and delicious udon noodle soup recipe.

you need to try this one! This is chicken udon noodle soup is spicy, flavour, and super simple to make.

The best thing is that you only need a very simple ingredients that can be stored in your pantry to whip up this tasty soup.

It’s just perfect on busy days!


To make this is spicy chicken udon noodle soup and you’ll need the following ingredients:

The Dried udon noodles: I usually love pre-cooked udon noodles as they are thicker and chewier.

than dried udon noodles. But for this a recipe and I felt like the thinner dried udon noodles worked better.

Both options are totally fine to so just choose the type of udon noodle you like better.

I just prefer dried udon noodles in this soup.

Chicken thighs: Chicken thighs are great as they are stay juicier and more tender than chicken breast.

I recommend using a skinless boneless chicken thighs.

Vegetables and aromatics: You’ll need green onion, garlic, mushrooms, and any other vegetable of your choice.

When I took at the pictures I added bok choy leaves.

Other great options are a broccoli, cauliflower, and baby spinach.

This recipe is great for using any leftover vegetables that you need to use before they turn bad!

Chicken broth: As a lot of the flavour comes from the broth.

it’s an important to use a chicken broth that you know and like.

Just pick your favorite brand and use it to make a this chicken udon noodle soup.

The Gochujang and gochugaru: Gochujang and gochugaru are Korean kitchen staples.

They are a perfect for making the broth spicy and delicious.

When you buy them and make sure you pay attention to the label as these two ingredients range from mild to very hot .

I’d recommend using a something that’s mild and medium-hot.

Soy sauce: Soy sauce is another must in this recipe.

it Just use your favorite brand to make this soup.

Sugar : I added a small amount of sugar as it is balances out the flavors in the broth.

But if you don’t want to a use any sugar and you don’t really think you need it for the flavor of the soup. feel free to skip it.

You can always add some sugar at the end.


Preparing this spicy chicken udon noodle soup is super easy! Just follow these steps:

Boil: First, add the minced garlic, mushrooms, white parts of the green onion, and chicken thigh pieces to a pot.

Add the chicken broth and bring everything to a boil. Then reduce to a simmer.

Simmer: Now add the gochugaru, gochujang, soy sauce and sugar .

Cover the pot and let everything simmer for 8-10 minutes.

Then add the remaining green onions.

If you want to use a more vegetables add them according to their cook time.

Cook the noodles: In the meantime cook the udon noodles in boiling water according to package instructions.

Serve: Place the cooked a udon noodles in a large bowl.

Then pour the broth and other ingredients over the noodles. Enjoy!


Here are a few quick tips and notes to check out before you try this chicken udon noodle soup for the first time.

Cook the noodles in a separate pot. That way you don’t have a any extra starch in your broth and the noodles won’t soak up the broth.

Check the gochujang and gochugaru package for the heat level.

I once accidentally used a very hot gochujang to make dakgalbi and I definitely regretted not checking the package.

I’d recommend using mild and medium-hot gochujang and gochugaru as that should be spicy enough for most people.

Use more vegetables. I only added a few vegetables to the recipe box below in so feel free to add more!

Since this is a great recipe to use a whatever you have in your refrigerator.

I didn’t add specific vegetables to the recipe box. Just pick something you like.


Here are a few ways to switch up this recipe.

Chicken: If you have a some extra time and you can marinate/season and then sear the chicken thighs in a separate pan.

Then cut the chicken thighs into a slices and add them to your bowl at the end.

I love honey a sriracha marinade and teriyaki sauce.

Noodles: If you don’t like a udon noodles and don’t have them on hand and you can use another type of noodle.

Dried and fresh ramen noodles are a delicious alternative!

Vegan: If you want to a make this recipe vegan you can use firm tofu and vegetable broth.

It is tastes just as delicious and is great if you are looking for a plant-based alternative.

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