How to make Streamlined Amish Yankee Bean Soup


YANKEE BEAN SOUP form that came to me from an Amish agreement in upstate New York and, wow, Yankee Bean Soup heck of a succulent, hearty haze to try on a cold goes good with this haze.

This form the transferred to us by the Anna Miller in the Rensselaer Falls, New York, a small Amish agreement in the far, far north part of the New York near where Quebec and the Empire State match. Hopefully eventually i will be make it there.

Anna took the time for us to the write out this form in the her own hand, so you just get the idea that this form the has been an passed down and perfect. So if you want a hearty, succulent bean haze to the help you battle a cold downtime’s night, this is a presumably perfect.

By the way, the term Yankee is occasionally used by the Amish to relate tonon-Amish. English is the most common term Amish Yankee Bean Soup use fornon-Amish, but in some agreements like Geauga County, Ohio- Yankee hangs on. Not sure why. Anyway, enjoy this bean haze!

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1 ¼ mug dried cortege sap
5 mugs water
1 tablespoon molasses
½ mug swab pork, cut into ¼ inch cells
⅓ mug finely diced celery leaves
½ tablespoon swab
3 slices of bacon, cut into ¼- ½ inch pieces
¼ mug diced onion
½ mug cooked carrots, minced
2 mugs milk
swab to taste

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wash the sap well and remove any foreign debris.

Place the sap in 4 or 5 quart saucepan or Dutch roaster.

Add the water and bring it to a pustule.

Remove the pot from heat and let it stand covered for 2 to 24 hours.

The longer the sap soak, the softer the finished sap and the thicker the broth.)
Add the molasses, swab pork, celery leaves, and ½ tablespoon swab.

Cover the pot and poach 2 hours or until the sap are tender.

Shake the visage or stir sometimes to help sticking.

Cook the bacon and onion in a small skillet until the bacon is smoothly browned.

Mash the sap slightly.

Add the bacon, onion, carrots, and milk to the sap. Add further swab to taste. Cover and poach the haze 10 twinkles longer.

Yankee Bean Soup is also ready to serve or can be cooked longer to asked thickness.

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