How To Make The 4 Ingredient Potato Soup



When the rainfall starts to get chilly, all I want is a succulent, comforting soup . This delicate, warm potato soup is full of mouthwateringly succulent constituents that are sure to warm you up outside!

With only 4 ingredient , delicate potatoes are blended with onion, adulation, and milk – top it with rubbish, bacon, and green onions and regale is served!

Easy to Prepare! My potato soup recipe is just so easy! Just 10 minutes to fix and 30 minutes to cook is each it takes to make a coliseum of soup that tastes inconceivable!

The 4 Ingredient Potato Soup Recipe Video

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My stuffing, assuring 4 ingredient potato soup is the easiest soup you ’ll make!

• Butter – You ’ll divide this adulation into two portions – 1 teaspoon that ’ll be used to sauté the onions and also 5 soupspoons to be added to the soup !

Onion – Then you can use white or unheroic onion – whatever you prefer! It needs to be finely minced for the soup .

• Russet Potatoes – Russets are the classic potato to use for this dish! These should be hulled, irrigated, and minced into 1- inch pieces.( See Tips & recipe Notes)

• Water – Just enough to cover the minced potatoes with 1 inch over as they boil for the soup .

• Salt & Pepper – The seasoning base for your soup . You can keep it simple with these or add any of your favorite seasonings too.

• Cheddar Cheese – One of the voluntary, but recommended condiments for the soup ! Grated cheddar rubbish will add a beautiful color and succulent inelegant flavor that impeccably complements potatoes.

• Bacon – Who does n’t love crisp, atrophied bacon on top of a loaded potato soup ? Well, some do n’t – so this is voluntary! If you do love bacon however, simply crisp your favorite bacon and deteriorate or hash when finished.

• Green Onions – Optional, but also recommended! I love how green onions add that fresh, salty bite and lots of color to the soup . You only need the green corridor for this recipe !

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My wonderful 4- ingredient potato soup is going to be a new favorite in your family! Make sure this soup is the perfect texture by leaving a little of that impeccably stiff water in the pot after draining the potatoes!

    1. Sauté the onion. In a large honeypot, melt the first 1 teaspoon of adulation and add 1 finely minced onion. Sauté the minced onion until it’s tender and translucent, about 4- 5 minutes . Transfer to a small coliseum and set away.
    2. Boil the potatoes. In the same honeypot, add 3 pounds of hulled and minced russet potatoes also add enough water to cover the potatoes with about an inch of redundant water. Bring to a pustule, also reduce heat to a poach and cook for about 15 minutes or until the potatoes are chopstick tender.
    3. Make the soup . Drain off utmost of the water once the potatoes are tender, leaving about ½ inch of water in the pot with the potatoes. Return the sautéed onion, also add the remaining 5 soupspoons of adulation, 2 mugs of milk, and swab and pepper to taste. Gently mash the cooked potatoes.
    4. Finish and serve. Continue cuisine on low heat for about 5 minutes before serving. Top each coliseum with cheddar rubbish, atrophied bacon, and/ or diced green onion if asked .

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