How to make veg Man-chow Soup Recipe

Today I am posting one of my most favorite soups – Veg Man-chow Soup. I don’t know how or when I start ordering this but this is my most loved soup. I have ordered this soup from the proper Chinese restaurants to small Indianian shops and I have loved it every single time. You can never go wrong with this soup – those crispy crunchy noodles, little bites of carrots, beans, mushrooms & tofu, the amazing flavor of spring onion, the spicy hit from the red chilies and a slight tangibleness from the soy & tomatoes – this soup has it all! I have made this soup a number of times at home as well and it is something we all love! This soup takes recipe modifications really well – no red chilies, substitute green chilies. Don’t want to deep fry the noodles, add them in directly. No mushrooms, no tofu – that’s OK, replace them with some pane-er! As I keep saying, this has to be one of the best soups ever – especially for these rainy days!


1 chopped Red Chilies
1/ 4 cup chopped Onion
1 tablespoon Oil
1 tsp chopped Ginger
1 tsp chopped Garlic
1/ 3 cup shredded Cabbage
1/ 3 cup chopped French Beans
1/ 3 cup chopped Carrots
2 tsp Soy Sauce
5 tsp Cornstarch
1/ 4 tsp Black Pepper Powder
3 cups Water
1/ 2 tsp Vinegar
as needed Salt



Take a frying pan, heat 1 tbsp oil on a medium flame. Add 1 Tsp chopped ginger and 1 tsp chopped garlic and saute for a minute.

Then add the chopped green chilies, chopped onions, and mix well. Now, add all the other remaining vegetables and saute for a minute or two. Don’t overcook the vegetables.

In meanwhile, take 6 tsp of cornstarch in a separate bowl add 2 Tbsp of water and mix well. Keep it aside now. After the veggies are done frying, reduce the flame on low and then add 2 Tsp soy sauce and ¼ tsp of black pepper powder.

Now add 3 cups of water, salt, and allow the soup to simmer in low flame. Add the cornstarch paste to the soup, mix well and let your soup thicken on a low flame.

Now, add the vinegar, stir well and switch off the flame. Your Man-chow soup is ready.


“This hot and spicy mixed manchow soup can be served as a side dish with some fried noodles and fried rice. It is a very popular soup recipe served in most Indian restaurants. Many varieties of vegetables are also added to the soup. I mostly use carrots, cabbage, french beans, and onions. But, you can also add broccoli, green peas or any vegetable of your own choice. When you get bored with your daily snacks routine, then do try tomato soup, corn soup, manchow soup, or clear vegetable soup. These are very easy to make and healthy too. Add very little oil while frying the vegetables to increase its health benefits.”

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