How To Make Vegetarian Lemon Rice Soup

This is Vegetarian Lemon Rice Soup is one of those comforting soup recipes .

that’s so simple to make, loaded with vegetables, and keeps you feeling full and satiated.

You can simple make this is vegan lemon soup with very simple ingredients that you probably already have in your fridge!

What I love about this is vegetarian lemon rice soup is that it’s loaded up with vegetables with an added zing of flavour from the lemon.

Lemons are actually is very refreshing and an appetite stimulant.

so they can make that zucchini, carrots, and celery taste even better so you truly enjoy this soup!


Not only does the addition of lemon create great flavors but it also adds a brightness overall to the soup.

The acidity of the lemon can pair with veggies to create a brighter overall look.

It’s a great way to cut down on sodium while giving your recipes a flavorful boost.

There are a some people that will actually add lemon juice to their recipes and soups over adding salt.

It does a great job of breaking down the grease in recipes to make it have an overall lighter texture.

It acts as an appetite stimulant, so it will make all the other vegetables in this soup even more enjoyable!


Olive oil – You’ll use these to saute up the vegetables in the skillet prior to adding in the rest of the soup ingredients.

Onion – Chop the fresh onion into bite-sized pieces.

Carrot – You can peel carrots and cut them up and chop up baby carrots and use them as well.

Celery Stalks – Wash and clean them well and them chop them into bite-sized bits.

Garlic Cloves – Fresh garlic cloves add so much flavor to this soup!

Zucchini – For a bit of added texture and fiber, leave the outer layer of the zucchini on and chop up.

Short-grain rice – Short-grain rice adds a good texture that won’t overtake the soup.

Fresh lemon juice – Such a great way to add another level of flavor!

Seasonings: Adding in the oregano, Salt, Black Pepper, Bay leaves, Fresh parsley help to enhance and complete the taste.


Start with 4 simple everyday ingredients: onions, carrots, celery and fresh and frozen garlic.

Then cook the vegetables with olive oil, salt and pepper until they slightly soften.

Next, add the seasoning, the zucchini and short grain rice along with a couple bay leaves.

Give them a good toss to add more flavour to the rice.

Now add the vegetable broth and cook covered.

You’ll know it’s done cooking when the rice fluffs and the broth reduces.

Squeeze fresh lemon juice on top at this point and you’re ready to serve it!


Change up the vegetables – You can easily add in more and fewer vegetables depending on your preference.

I also think that adding mushrooms would be a good idea.

Use avocado oil – Olive oil is great but adding avocado oil can create a nice flavoring, too.

Add toppings – Adding some fresh cilantro and chives would be a great topping for this simple vegetarian lemon rice soup soup.

Instead of short grain rice – Use long-grain rice or brown rice.

If you’re using brown rice, be sure to add an extra 25 minutes to the cooking time though.

You can also use potatoes, riced cauliflower, celery root and chopped zucchini for some grain free and low carb options.

If you don’t have oregano – Feel free to use thyme, parsley, cilantro and other herbs.

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