How to make warming Sausage Soup.

My warming sausage soup is a utter coziness in a bowl .

the perfect savory is elixir for a chilly evening.

The Filled to the brim with slices of seared beef smoked sausage and diced potatoes and white beans and vibrant kale.

this is hearty sausage soup recipe is a quick simple and delicious complete meal!

Turning Simple Sausage Into a Cozy Soup .

I can’t tell you how many times a inspiration for dinner presents.

it self to me just by my taking a peek into the fridge to see a what’s inside.

The combination of ingredients I have on hand a informs my creativity so much .

if I happen to have a package of beef smoked sausage in the fridge and freezer then my options are endless!

The Sausage it self can be a so versatile and turning it into a sausage and red rice skillet .

Sausage Into a Cozy Soup .

The combining with veggies for a stuffed baked potato and nestling into a bun to be enjoyed with a touch of sauerkraut and onions.

But if it’s a bit chilly outside and we’re craving a nice, cozy , warming pot of soup to have on hand to dip into for a few days.

then I absolutely love to a prepare this sausage soup brimming .

with lots of hearty and healthy ingredients to fill and warm our bellies!

My delectable sausage soup recipe makes use of a seared slices of beef smoked sausage.

also onions, garlic, seasonings, diced russet potatoes, creamy navy beans, and a finishing addition of vibrant and hearty kale.

The flavors are super savory, rich, earthy, and brothy, perfect to ladle up and get extra comfy-cozy with at the end of a long day!

A Sausage Soup Recipe with a Hearty and Flavorful Ingredients .

I love how truly simple this soup is recipe is to make and utilizing pantry ingredients that many of us may already have on hand.

It’s a all about searing the sausage and creating that layer of savory flavor in the pot .

then saute the onions, garlic and diced potatoes in and help to create that rich depth.

I like to add a hint of dried herbs into this is sausage soup for an earthy note.

A as well as a good pinch and two of black pepper even some white pepper too.

These are ingredients offer lots of savoriness and a little kick of spice.

Then adding in a couple cans of good quality and organic navy beans towards.

the end of the simmering process as well as some green, leafy kale, helps to create a some body and offer more texture.

to the soup plus added protein and fiber.

To get a started . I sear my a slices of beef smoked sausage in a large soup pot until caramelized then remove them and set aside.

Here’s a sneak peek at my sausage soup recipe:¬†(and just¬†jump to the full recipe…)

Next I add my aromatics to a the pot to saute for a few minutes.

followed by my diced a potatoes.

I add the sausage a back into the pot.

as well as the broth and allow the soup to simmer just a until the potatoes are tender about 22-24 minutes.

I add the white beans in a during the final 10 minutes of the simmering and once finished.

I add the chopped kale in to a wilt into the soup.

I finish with a some fresh parsley and a teeny squeeze of lemon to help cut the richness.

This sausage soup is a rich and cozy brimming with hearty ingredients such as beef smoked sausage and diced potatoes and white beans and kale!

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