How to spots in Lincoln to Soup as weather cool


Once upon a time, there was a hungry college student who was dismayed as the pending doom of finals slowly but surely creeped closer. As the weather turned to frigid temperatures and the wind picked up, all this scholar needed to fulfill her aching hunger was a bowl of good soup.

After trending on TikTok, it only seemed right to search for Adam Driver’s Good Soup around town. No matter where you pick, you’ll be sure to take a nice long slurp of Good Soup followed by an “OK” sign. Whether you’re looking for a cozy bowl of soup to de-stress or an escape from study rooms and textbooks, here’s some good soup in Lincoln.

Grateful Bread, 1625 S 17th St.

If you’re looking for a vegan version of good soup, head over to Grateful Bread for your delightful meal. This artsy restaurant has 5 stars on Facebook, but is only open twice a week. Customers should prepare ahead of time for a long line with cash in hand. Thursdays and Saturdays they are open from noon to 4 p.m. or until they are out of soup.

If you’re planning a visit, make sure to check out their Facebook page each day before you go to find out the changing menu. From split pea to Indian mung bean, Tibetan noodle to Thai peanut, you’re bound to find a perfect soup for you.

Ginna’s Cafe at SCHEELS, 3030 Pink Lake Road

The last thing you think of when shopping for athletic wear is soup, but at SCHEELS, you’ll find a delicious bowl of soup that could rival your grandma’s best recipe. Named after the SCHEELS CEO’s grandmother, this bistro has soup, homemade fudge and coffee to fill your cravings. Ginna’s Cafe is located on the first floor of SCHEELS and has both dine-in and takeout options. They also have two new savory soups available each day. Plus, you can always go for a relaxing ferris wheel ride after indulging in a bowl of bliss. 

Panera Bread, 6149 O St.

If you need more stable options, Panera is always a satisfactory choice. From bistro French onion to creamy tomato, their soups are available every day. Not only can you enjoy a bowl of your favorite soup, Panera also has bread bowl options for less than a dollar more. If you need something a little more filling, my favorite option is the pick-two. Pair your favorite soup bowl with your choice of a salad or sandwich. Or if you really want to dive into your soup obsession, pair two soups together. Looking to share a bowl of cozy soup with others? Panera has group options that are ideal for four people.

McAlister’s Deli, 500 N 48th St.

Soup doesn’t have to be your favorite dish to still enjoy a tasty meal. At McAlister’s, enjoy hand-crafted sandwiches and fresh salads with a steamy bowl of good soup on the side. Dig into a bowl of chili, chicken tortilla, country potato, broccoli and cheddar or chicken and dumplings. McAlister’s soup is available in three sizes: a side cup, a bowl or a bread bowl. My favorite option is to pair a giant filled baked potato with a bowl of pleasant soup.

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