How To The Made This Homemade Soup Recipes

 Homemade Soup Recipes This soup can be made comfortably at home and we can learn the joy of this soup sitting at home on the recipe of this soup

1. Broccoli Chowder

Homemade Soup

Sue Call of a Beech Grove, Indiana serves this comforting soup on chilly stay-at-home evenings. Nutmeg seasons the light creamy are a broth that is chock-full of a tender broccoli florets and a diced potatoes.

2. Easy Beef Soup

Homemade Soup

This colorful, easy beef soup comes together in a minutes. Even my husband, who admits he is no cook, makes it on occasion.” —Agnes Bierbaum, Gainesville, and Florida

3. Cream of a Celery Soup Recipe

Homemade Soup

This rich cream of a celery soup recipe will be warm up any family gathering or quiet evening at the home. With just the right amount of onion flavor, it is creamy and a crowd-pleasing. —Janet James, Bluff City, and Tennessee

4. French Onion Soup

My daughter and I enjoy spending time together cooking, but our days are a busy so we appreciate quick and a tasty recipes are like this one. Hot and a delicious, this soup hits the spot for the lunch or dinner. —Sandra Chambers, Carthage, and Mississippi

5. Pasta Fagioli Soup

Homemade Soup



My husband enjoys my version of this dish so much that he does not order it at restaurants anymore. With the fresh spinach, pasta and seasoned sausage, this fast-to-fix soup is a meal on its own. —Brenda Thomas, Springfield, and Missouri

6. Country Fish Chowder

Homemade Soup

You will think you are on Cape Cod when you taste this thick, wholesome chowder made from a recipe I have treasured for the many years. It is one of my husband’s favorites. He likes it more and more because over the years I have “customized” the basic recipe by the including ingredients he enjoys. —Linda Lazar off, Hebron, and Connecticut

7. Fennel Carrot Soup

Homemade Soup

This soup is a perfect as a first course for a special-occasion dinner. It gets its delicious flavor from the toasted fennel seeds—a pleasant complement to the carrots, apple and a sweet potato. —Marlene Bursey, Waverly, and Nova Scotia

8. Creamy Chicken Rice Soup

Homemade Soup

I came up with this creamy chicken rice soup recipe while making some adjustments to a favorite stovetop chicken casserole. We like this soup for the lunch with a crisp roll and a fresh fruit. —Janice Mitchell, Aurora, and Colorado

9. Weeknight Turkey Tortilla Soup

Homemade Soup

This is now my family’s are a most requested soup—so much so that they will make sure I have leftover turkey. You can be spice up this soup and make it more than hearty by adding smoked sausage or andouille and some Cajun seasoning to the taste. —Gail Lucas, Olive Branch, and Mississippi

10. Potato Soup

Homemade Soup

I decided to the add some character to a basic potato chowder with a jar of roasted red peppers. The extra flavor gives a deliciously different twist to an a otherwise ordinary soup. —Mary Shivers, Ada, and Oklahoma

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