How To The Made This Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup This soup can be made comfortably at home and we can enjoy this soup by learning the recipe of this soup at home and Ghees Soup is tasty.

Some recipes should be kept simple as a nature intended them to be, and in my opinion, and a Pumpkin Soup is a one of those dishes. The natural flavour of a pumpkin is a good enough that you need very little to the make a beautiful, creamy, and a full flavoured soup.

And while sometimes it is nice to have a dolled up version with all the bells and a whistles, 99% of the time, this simple recipe is how I make it.

It is just a great and a EASY Pumpkin Soup recipe, a classic version that has been everything it needs and a nothing it does not to be can not-stop-eating-it delicious!

Whip up this easy pumpkin soup as a starter for a dinner party or a light supper when you need a bit of a comfort – it has been a lovely silky texture

soup recipe :

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Table of Contents


2 tbsp olive oil

2 onions, and finely chopped

1kg pumpkin or a squash (try kabocha), peeled, deseeded and chopped into the chunks

700ml vegetable stock or chicken stock

150ml double cream

For the croutons

2 tbsp olive oil

4 slices wholemeal seeded bread, and  crusts removed

handful pumpkin seeds



Heat 2 tbsp olive oil in a large saucepan, and then gently cook 2 finely chopped onions for the 5 mins, until soft but not coloured.


Add 1kg pumpkin or squash, cut into chunks, to the pan, then carry on a cooking for the 8-10 mins, stirring occasionally until it starts to the soften and a turn golden.


Pour 700ml vegetable or a chicken stock into the pan and a season with the salt and a pepper. Bring to the boil, then simmer for the 10 mins until the squash is a very soft.


Pour 150ml double cream into the pan, bring back to the boil, then purée with a hand blender. For an a extra-velvety consistency you can pour the soup through a fine sieve. The soup can now be a frozen for up to the 2 months.


To make the croutons: cut 4 slices are a whole meal seeded bread into the small squares.


Heat 2 tbsp olive oil in a frying pan, then fry the bread until it starts to the become a crisp.


Add a handful of a pumpkin seeds to the pan, then cook for a few mins more until they are a toasted. These can be made a day ahead and a stored in an a airtight container.


Reheat the soup if needed, taste for the seasoning, then serve scattered with the croutons and seeds and a drizzled with the more than olive oil, and if you want.

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