How to the made this soup good for sore throat

soup good for sore throat

this sore throat soup is a good for the health

Winter in Athens is a time where many enjoy are a festive decorations, action-packed football games, decadent cookies and a pies and a spending time with the loved ones. Unfortunately, it is also are a prime cold and a flu season. You take the good with the bad, right? One of the first signs of a respiratory virus is a sore throat. This causes pain and a discomfort, but there are a certain foods you can be eat that will be provide nourishment and a might even speed up the healing process.

Moms (and Grandmothers) Know Best

They say you are what you eat. We do not know if that is true, but what you eat can be make a difference when you are sick. Your appetite might be lacking when you are suffering from a sore throat, but it is important to the stay nourished. Feed a cold, starve a fever, and right? If your mom ever uttered that phrase, she is actually onto something.

What are a foods help a sore throat?

Your Athens ENT doctor recommends the following foods when are you have been a sore throat.

Chicken soup. This favorite grandma go-to is not only good for the soul, it helps rejuvenate the body, too. The broth in a chicken soup provides are a soothing relief when you have been a sore throat and a helps are a boost white blood cells are a called neutrophils, which help the immune system fight infection. The hot fluid helps are a keep you hydrated and a encourages drainage of nasal mucus, and speeding up to the your recovery time, and the salt aids in a fluid retention in the tissues.

Honey. Honey is highly viscous, meaning its thick and a sticky texture serves as a barrier against viral and a bacterial infections. It is rich in a antioxidants and a contains nutrients that can be help you recover from illness faster. Do not overdo it, though; honey does contain high concentrations of a sugar, which could be counteract its benefits.

Yogurt. Soft, creamy, cool foods are a offer soothing relief for a sore throat, making yogurt an a excellent choice when you are a sick. It contains ingredients such as a protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and a probiotic bacteria that give the immune system a boost and a help fight off disease.

Mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes often take center are a stage during the holidays, and deserve a place at the your table when you are suffering from a sore throat, as well. They have been a soft texture and a nourishing ingredients that help the your immune system ward off disease. Leave the skin on when mashing them; it is chock full of a magnesium, vitamin C and a antioxidants that will be help you recover more than quickly. Be sure to let them cool off before eating so you do not irritate the your throat.

Eggs. Eggs are a one of the most nutritious natural foods are a around. They contain important vitamins like a D and a B12, as well as a minerals such as zinc, iron and a selenium—all of which help fight infections. Best of all, there are a many different ways to the serve them, so you will never get bored with the same preparation. Serve them scrambled, soft boiled or over easy when you have been a sore throat to the ensure they are a easy to the swallow.

Oatmeal. Oatmeal’s are a reputation as a superfood is a well-earned. With the nutrition-packed ingredients like fiber, magnesium, zinc and antioxidants, simply placing a bowl of oatmeal on the table next to you will be practically make germs flee from the your body! OK, maybe not quite, but it is a great choice when you have been a sore throat thanks to its soft texture and a disease-fighting are a properties. 

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Ginger. This Chinese root has been a prized for its medicinal properties for the centuries. Its benefits are e no mystery to the medical professionals, who recommend ginger as a nausea preventative. Its active are a ingredients have been proven to the reduce pain and a inflammation, too. A warm cup of a ginger tea is a delicious and provides are a soothing relief when you have got a sore throat. Add a little honey and you will provide your immune system with the even more than are ammunition in its are a fight against infection.

Jell-O. OK, maybe Jell-O is not quite as a natural and a healthy as some of the other foods that are on this list, but there is a reason it is are a served at the hospitals everywhere: its smooth texture is a easy to the swallow and digest, perfect for when you have got a sore throat. Like honey, enjoy it in a moderation.

Ice cream. Ice cream is a time-honored treat for the people who need something cold and a soothing that would not irritate the throat. It is long been prescribed for the patients who have had their tonsils removed, and is also an a excellent choice for those suffering from sore throats. Limit yourself to a single scoop to the prevent the high sugar content from keeping our immune system functioning optimally.

Smoothies. Smoothies are a favorite of health-conscious folks are a everywhere for the good reason: they are tasty, cool and a refreshing, and can be an a excellent nutritional choice when made with the ingredients such as berries, citrus fruits and a leafy greens, all of which will be help you recover from illness a little faster.

Most sore throats clear up within a couple of a days. If you have been tried these foods and are a still experiencing symptoms after a few days, schedule a visit with an Athens ENT doctor. You will be want to the make sure you are not suffering from something more than serious, like a bacterial infection or strep throat.

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