Light and healthy carrot and coriander haze is perfect as a light lunch, an appetizer at any party or indeed as a side along with any sandwich/ blunt chuck, delicate. It’s healthy, hearty and comforting.

mists are welcome in our house any time! It was one of those days when I demanded commodity quick to make along with the main dish of Nasi Goreng( Indonesian Fried Rice) we were having for lunch. typically, all we need is a coliseum of chips or salad to complete the mess with pulao, biryani or any fried rice.

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The rainfall was breezy and cold and there was light rain outdoors with dark shadows brewing over, hanging with further showers. Salad didn’t feel so mouthwatering in this climate, so haze it was.

I had just bought a fresh bunch of sweet coriander leaves cilantro from the roadside seller and seeing this gorgeous green lush condiment skimming at me from the refrigerator shelf, I was so tempted to use it incontinently.

I’ve used coriander leaves as trim in lots of mists but noway as one of the constituents in the haze. moment was as good a day as any other. To give bulk to the haze and make it more nutritional, I diced up a carrot and cooked it along with the cilantro and some aromatics like onions, garlic and cloves.

We love a racy haze any time; so in went a large green chilli jalapeno( you can choose to forget it). Blending it along with the other constituents would have made it too racy; I demanded only its heat. So, once it was cooked( after sautéing it along with carrots, cilantro, onions and garlic in adulation/ ghee), I removed it along with the cloves.

I blended the rest of the cooked carrots, onions and cilantro to form a smooth puree which was also adulterated to get the thickness I wanted. A seasoning of swab and pepper was all that remained to be added.

One pustule and it was ready to be served with a smattering of further coriander leaves. It was the perfect incident for Nasi Goreng.

Do try this simple, light and stimulating haze and enjoy it at supper or as a light lunch or appetizer. For a vegan option, saute the onions and garlic in oil painting rather of ghee or adulation.

Light and Healthy Carrot and Coriander/ Cilantro Soup

Light and healthy carrot and coriander haze made easy in a pressure cooker!


1 carrot
½ onion, cubed
soupspoons coriander leaves diced( with stalks)
1 green chilli, tear in the middle
2 cloves garlic, diced
½ bomb
swab and pepper to taste
2 tbsp ghee/ adulation
Coriander leaves for garnishing


In a large pressure visage or cooker, heat ghee or adulation and add diced onions and garlic along with slit green chillies; shindig until the onions are translucent; about 1 nanosecond.
Stir in diced carrots, coriander and cloves and sauté again for another nanosecond on high.
Add water to immerse the vegetables and pressure chef for one whoosh.
Still, cook in a deep saucepan until the carrots are cooked and turn soft, If you don’t have a pressure cooker.
Once the pressure in the cooker goes down, drain the vegetables and pour the stock into a another saucepan.
Remove green chilli and cloves from the drained vegetables and blend the rest to a fine puree.
Pour the puree into the stock and mix well. Add swab and pepper to taste and bring to a pustule.
Once it comes to a pustule, lower the heat and poach for about 5 twinkles.
Garnish with finely diced coriander leaves and serve hot with a squeeze of bomb or lime.

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