How to Low-Calorie Beetroot Vegetarian Soup.

This humble and scrumptious Beetroot Soup made with beet puree and juicy tomatoes is low in calories, vibrant and nutritional. Made with an easy form, this tomato and beetroot haze is a healthy choice and gathers in no time!

 Beetroot Soup made with rich beets and pungent tomatoes seasoned with bay splint is a total comfort snack on any day! The vibrant color that beets add to this rich haze makes it more like a treat than a healthy haze.

  Packed with earthy flavor and virtuousness of beets, outgunned with fresh coriander leaves, this stimulating coliseum of beet haze is commodity your family would love to repeat every week!

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 Why Would You Love This form?

  • Low- Calorie Healthy Veg Soup with just 39 calories!!
  • Weight Loss Friendly.
  • Kiddies Friendly.
  • Vibrant multicoloured and rich in flavours of fresh beet and tomato
  • Super easy constituents.
  • Can be Made Vegan.
  • Can be made ahead of time.
  • The Stylish Beetroot Tomato Soup form ever!


  • Beets- are the star component of this haze. Not only they add an amazing Pink-red color to this haze but they also add iron, vitamins and minerals. Low in calories and fat, they’re a great source of iron. I’ve added boiled and ground beet. One may use amalgamated raw beets as well, though they may taste slightly bitter.
  • Tomato- Rich and fresh juicy tomatoes balance the bitter taste of beets in this form. I’ve used fresh tomatoes. You may use tomato puree as well but also the haze may vary in taste.
  • Bay leaf – The aroma of bay leaf roasted in ghee brings newness to the haze.
  • Garlic- I’ve used lately grated garlic. You may use garlic greasepaint. Red Onions can also be added as chopped . However, feel free to skip onion and garlic, If you’re making this haze in Navratri.


  • Beetroot  and Sweet  Potato Soup- Add sweet potato cells to this beet haze to make a chunky haze. You may also add carrots, Amla or potato to it.
  • Borscht Soup- generally made with meat or funk stock and sauteed vegetables along with red beets, Borscht Soup is a popular European Soup. You can skip the funk part to make a Veg Borscht.

 What To Team With This Beet Soup?

 This smooth beet and tomato haze is hearty and stuffing. To have a light mess, you may team it with-

  • Stuffed Vegetables
  • Whole Wheat Focaccia Bread
  • Apple Cucumber Mint Salad
  • Mashed Potatoes with Lentils

 Expert Tips

  • Beets have a bitter taste. Making them with sour or sweet vegetables can balance that bitter flavor. Team them with tomatoes, carrots, sweet potato, or cucumber. You may also use boiled beets like in this form as that has a mildly sweet flavor than raw beets.
  • Make sure that haze is cooked on low/ medium honey and not full honey. Burnt garlic or puree taste would explosively affect this haze’s flavor.
  • Take a visage that’s heavy- bottomed. I recommend using sword kissers
  • over aluminum bones.
  • I boiled the beets a day in advance to save time.

 Is beetroot haze good for health?

 Beets are a pack pack of nutrition- iron, vitamins, low calorie and stuffing, this beetroot haze can help you lose weight naturally. Beets help control cholesterol and let you have a healthy heart

 What’s another name for beetroot haze?

 Another name for Beetroot haze is Borsht. It’s a sweet and sour haze of beets with veggies and funk stock.

 Do beets burn belly fat?

 Many croakers

 suggest that having beet juice empty stomach can help reduce belly fat.

 Storage Suggestions

 For leavings, you may store them in a dry vessel with a lid in the refrigerator for over to 3 days. I recommend consuming it as fresh as possible.

 The beets can be boiled a day in advance to reduce cuisine time.

 Benefits of Beetroot Tomato Soup

 Those who have diabetes may avoid the beetroot haze. Not numerous of us know that beetroots are rich in sugar and hence they shall be immaculately avoided by people whose sugar situations are high and not harmonious.

 Beets are rich in essential nutrients like fiber, folate( vitamin B9), manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin C and they help in lowering blood pressure and perfecting heart health.

 Detailed form

 1. Make Beet Puree

  • In a small pressure cooker, boil one hulled beet for two hisses. Cool it down. Roughly hash in large gobbets and mix to a smooth paste.

 2. Make Tomato Puree

  • In the same blender, grate roughly diced tomatoes.

 3. Sautee Both Purees in Ghee

  • In a large saucepan or wok, add ghee.
  • Add garlic and bay splint. Cook it for lower than a nanosecond. The burnt taste of garlic adds a bad flavor to the haze.
  • Add tomato and beetroot paste.
  • Cook for 2- 4 min on poach and cover with a lid. Keep sauteing in between.
  • Add swab, black pepper, and Water. Boil for 2 min

 4. Serve It

  • The succulent beetroot haze is ready!! Serve it with your choice of chuck

or rice!

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