how to make Mushroom Soup Without Cream {Healthy & Vegetarian}

Mushroom Soup Without Cream

This is creamy and to the thick Mushroom Soup to made without cream is full of rich flavors of button mushrooms, onion and garlic! Simmered slowly in veg roux, this chunky healthy version of to the veg mushroom soup is the filling and to the every bite in of it is super to indulging!

This homemade mushroom soup recipe is not dunked with loads of the cream and the uses a combination of wheat flour and to the milk to get a easy thick texture without loading you with tons of fat and to the calories.

Mushroom Soup Without Cream;

If you love mushrooms, you would not miss the than real flavor of mushroom in this soup. I have a theory that cream in soup dominates the flavor of it and the humble flavorless mushroom is even more over-powered. to The cream create to soup very heavy and difficult to digest. To the have a light yet hearty soup, this recipe works good as it included to grinding a portion of the sauteed mushrooms and the throwing it back in the soup.

This is to healthy mushroom soup without cream to tastes more amazing and would be a great hit in the your family. You may as well as like these Mushroom Recipes from my blog-

Why Would You Love This Mushroom Soup Without Cream Recipe?

  • Fresh Ingredients.
  • Rich in flavors of mushroom, onion, garlic and coriander leaves.
  • Can be Made in Advance.
  • Low Calorie Veg Soup with just 93 calories!
  • Vegan and the Gluten free options.
  • Kids Friendly
  • Weight-Loss Friendly
  • The Best Healthy Mushroom Soup Ever!

Ingredients for a Mushroom Soup Without Cream

Mushroom Soup Without Cream;

Mushroom- This recipe uses fresh white button mushroom. You may use portobello or a shiitake mushrooms as well. I all time wash to the veggies I used. I have heard all over wiping mushrooms with the damp cloth as they absorb moisture from water while washing. In India, we never use any vegetable without washing. I had absolutely no issue in the cooking washed mushrooms. For Vit D absorption, I show them in sun for sometime as well.

Wheat Flour– The addition of to the wheat grain coats the mushrooms and support make a naturally thick soup. You may use APF as well. If you are using full fat milk, you may avoid any flour, mostly if you are looking for a gluten free soup.

Garlic– Freshly cooked garlic adds perfect aroma to this soup. You may use garlic powder as well.

Onion- Freshly chopped onion adds mild sweetness in this soup and maker a humble balance of flavors.

Milk-Low fat milk is used to the make a creamy soup. You may use vegan milk to create this soup vegan. If you are not worried about to the calories or the heaviness, feel free to use full fat milk.

Olive Oil-Though I love making soups in ghee, this time I tried olive oil. Olive oil adds herb like flavor to the this soup and helped me to create a light soup.

Salt and Black pepper- The salt and black pepper are a must for any soup. If it’s freshly grounded pepper, that’s even better. Black pepper adds much demand to earthy and to the hot flavor and the brings taste to the another level.

Coriander Leaves-Freshly chopped coriander leaves add to the vibrant color. You may use parsley, thyme or a dried Italian seasonings too.

Mushroom Soup Without Cream;

Mushroom Soup Without Cream

Variations to Mushroom Soup Without Cream

Vegan Mushroom Soup- Feel free to the use dairy free milk in this recipe to create to this soup vegan. You may as well as use vegan curd.

Mushroom Barley Soup- If you wish to make more healthy mushroom soup, add a portion of pearl barley. But then cooking time would increase by approx 20 min.

Mushroom Vegetable Soup- Add to chopped carrots, zucchini, lentils or green beans to the create vegetable mushroom soup.

Storage Suggestions

Mushroom Soup Without Cream;

The leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator for about 3 days. Keep them in a dry container with lid. Make sure to let the soup attain room temperature before storing it.

I don’t recommend freezing it, though.

The reheating of soup can be done in a pan on stove top or in oven for 10 min.

Expert Tips

  • The portion of sauteed mushrooms can be taken out and blended to the create to a thick paste. Make sure to cool off the hot mushrooms.
  • While adding wheat flour, make sure to mix well or the soup may turn out lumpy. The key is to add wheat flour and the immediately add a milk and keep stirring on low flame.
  • Room temperature milk works best.
  • If you are using vegan milk-coconut or soy, the consistency of soup may thickened up. You may add to water or use less of the vegan milk.
  • If you like a clear soup, you may grind all to the mushroom pieces. I picked a few as my family loves chunky soups.

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