How to make Slow Cooker Cream Cheese and Potato Soup

Cream Cheese and Potato Soup

Slow cooker cream rubbish and potato haze is hearty, filling and perfect with blunt chuck . Slow cook your way to comfort food this downtime.  

 moment we ’ll be slow cooking our way into a comforting, delicate haze. This slow cooker cream rubbish and potato haze is super easy using only a many simple closet constituents. You can use it as a blank oil and make on it, or enjoy it in all its simplicity with some blunt chuck.

 Since potatoes take ever to cook, I feel the slow cooker is perfect for it. And potatoes work impeccably as a natural thickener with its erected- in bounce so you can cake it to your relish by mashing as numerous potatoes as you like into the haze until it’s as thick as you want it.

 This should be just enough for four to six hearty servings, so you can do it in a small. I chose to keep it simple and just do a beating of cheddar rubbish, bacon bits and fresh dill. As I said before, you can load up the haze itself with any kind of proteins you like. This is one haze you do n’t want to miss. So let’s begin!

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 I started by sautéing the onions and garlic in some adulation. You can skip this step and just add them to the slow cooker if you prefer, but I feel sautéing them beforehand adds further flavour.

 You can use russet potatoes or red-bearded potatoes either hulled or with skin on. Whatever your preference, cut them into 1 ″ cells. The lower they are, the briskly or lightly they will cook and the easier it’s to break them down for thickening the haze latterly.

 Also we add the potatoes, onions, garlic, seasonings and pour in the funk broth. Time to cook! Six hours on low is enough time to get the potatoes tender but if you’re at work and leaving it to cook at home, you can do it for eight hours as well.

 The potatoes ca n’t overcook and since you’re mashing them up anyway, you do n’t have to worry about them being too tender or falling piecemeal. Once it’s cooked, do n’t worry about how thin the haze looks when you unveil it. We ’ll be mashing up the potatoes cake up the haze some and it ’ll be cottony once the cream rubbish is added.

Cream Cheese and Potato Soup

You can mash it up with the reverse of a ladle, blitz it in the or use a if you have one. Break down the potatoes until the haze is as thick as you want it. You can leave some gobbets of potatoes alone to add some texture to the haze or blend it into oblivion. The choice is yours.

 cargo it up by adding funk guts, lemon, bacon, or ham to the slow cooker before cuisine. tear the funk/ lemon or cut them into gobbets. It’s up to you! This haze is super protean like that. I actually loved it as is with just the condiments.

One final step! Add the cubed cream rubbish and cook on high for 30 twinkles or until the rubbish has melted. I generally add dairy in the last partial hour of slow cuisine because they tend to curdle if left in there too long.

Cream Cheese and Potato Soup

 still, use a whisk to mix it up nicely, If there’s a little cream rubbish left after your 30 twinkles is over. Stir to incorporate all that inelegant virtuousness into the haze and you’re done! Top with some cheddar rubbish, bacon bits and your choice of dill, green onions, or chives.

Cream Cheese and Potato Soup Recipe Video

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