Soup containers : How to the freeze them

Introduction: Soup Containers

Welcome cooler weather with these top freezer containers for soups and stews. We found sturdy trays, containers and jars.

Souper Cubes : Soup container

Cube trays aren’t good for just freezing ice. These silicone Souper Cubes are perfectly sized for freezing soups, stews, sauces or meals. The lids prevent freezer odors from seeping in. And the compact, stackable design makes them ideal for freezer organization.

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Square Food Storage Containers

For a solid set of do-it-all freezer containers for soup, look no further than this square food storage set. Since soup can be frozen in either plastic or glass containers, these BPA-free, quart-sized plastic containers are the ideal stackable option. They’re one of the simplest, yet most functional, food storage containers.

Freezer Jars:Soup container

Make work lunches a breeze by prepping a week’s worth of soup on one day, and freezing the rest for easy grab-and-go nutrition. This 2-pack of Ball freezer jars includes leak-free lids, so messes are never a concern. Also, check out these other mason jar accessories.

Freezer Portion Pods

Storing last night’s leftovers is a breeze, thanks to these pop-out portion pods. Each section holds a 1-cup serving, so you have the perfect amount pre-portioned for tomorrow’s lunch bag.

Mixed-Size Food Storage Containers

Meal preps large and small are no match for mixed-sized containers. Each of the 44 containers (in 8-ounce, 16-ounce and 32-ounce sizes) comes with a lid that’s interchangeable between sizes, so no worries if one of these freezer containers for soup gets misplaced.

Square Silicone Freezing Tray : Soup container

For when you only need a few servings of soup, turn to these square-shaped silicone molds. At less than $20, you’ll get three silicone molds that are easy peasy to pop out frozen soup when you’re ready for a warm meal. Plus, the pastel colors make a pretty freezer addition. We found the best silicone snack bags, too.

Shatterproof Food Storage Containers

Rubbermaid makes some of our favorite glass storage containers—and now freezer containers for soup! This set of 10 shatterproof storage containers conveniently transfer from the freezer to fridge for when it’s time to defrost tomorrow’s stew. And they double as meal prep containers.

Deli Food Storage Containers

So, these deli-style containers might not look fancy, but they’re secretly one of the best freezer containers for soup. The pack of 24 is affordable, so you can give them to friends and family post-dinner without worrying about whether they’ll make their way back to you. Thanksgiving leftovers, anyone?

Rectangular Silicone Freezing Tray:

Again, you can’t go wrong with silicone freezer containers for soup. These versatile silicone freezing trays are perfect for leftover soup, pasta sauce, cookie dough—you name it. They’re great for making spinach smoothie bombs and pre-made juices.

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