How To Make The 3 Immunity Booster Soups Will Give You a Feel of Summer in Winter

Soup For Winter These 3 impunity supporter soup Will Give You a Feel of Summer in Winter, Know Their Special form

Who does not like to drink soup in downtime? You can make it using any vegetable and fruit. But if we talk about traditional soup , also sauces and spices have a special part in them.

In such a situation, using vegetables and sauces in this downtime season, you can prepare healthy Indian submissive soup fashions at home.

Also, in view of the nimbus contagion epidemic, we’ve to pay special attention to the strength of our vulnerable system, for which this soup is also veritably salutary.

So, let us know the form of making healthy soup for downtime, which you can include in your diurnal diet.

Recipe form for making healthy soup ( submissive soup for downtime)

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1.Sweet Corn Garlic Soup

According to Ayurveda, garlic is veritably salutary for the body. By eating it, where heat remains in the body, it’s veritably helpful in controlling blood pressure and blood rotation.

Also, eating garlic is salutary in the treatment of cold, cough, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis. So sweet sludge The bounce and fiber present in sweet sludge help in controlling blood pressure and work to ameliorate digestion.

This reduces the threat of problems like constipation and gas. In this way, the soup made from these two effects is salutary for the body in every way. to make it

>Grind 5 kids of garlic and keep it.
>also add finely diced carrots and some peas to the sweet sludge flour.
>Now mix it with hot water in this vessel.
>Mix garlic paste on top and chop coriander leaves.
>Serve after adding swab.

2. Honey Carrot Soup

Carrots contain beta carotene, which is salutary for the eyes and skin. Its antioxidants can help damage to cells and strengthen the vulnerable system.

On the other hand, honey has antiviral and antibiotic parcels, which can be doubled when combined with the parcels of carrots. In this way, the soup of these two can boost your impunity. to make it pustule carrots and grind them.

>Now add a little warm water to it.
>Grind gusto and add honey.
>Cook everything duly.
>Serve with swab and coriander.

3. Cauliflower rubbish Soup

Talking about the benefits of cauliflower, it contains carotenoids, flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamin- C and essential minerals. By drinking its soup , the body is defended from seasonal flu like cold and cold and its antioxidant works to boost impunity.

So, paneer is a high protein rich food item, which is rich in calcium and vitamin D. Also it’s good for internal health. In this way, the soup of these two is salutary for the body in every way. to make it

>First of all, boil the cauliflower and grind it.
>Now put water, carrots and peas in a saucepan and bring it to a pustule.
>Now mash the paneer and mix it.
>Add swab and cook everything till it becomes soft.
>After thickening, add chilli sauce to it, mix and serve by turning off the gas

In this way, all these three soup are veritably salutary in terms of boosting your health and impunity. You can drink them in the morning for breakfast, in the autumn for lunch, in the evening or at night.

At the same time, according to your mind and taste, you can modify their form and try different vegetables. So this downtime drink this healthy soup and feel the heat in downtime.

Immunity Booster Soups Recipe video

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