The Best Spicy Peanut Sweet Potato + Kale Soup.

So, so tasty! I just made this haze and the final result exceeded my prospects – just pure peanuty, delicate, and entirely healthy virtuousness.

and a generally delicate, racy, tasty vibe, there’s no denying this.

You guys, this haze! Stew? It’s kind of both. It depends on how you make it and how important liquid you add, but EITHER WAY IT IS SO DARN GOOD. It literally checks all the boxes – delicate, satisfying texture; extremely stupendous flavor; super nutritional; does n’t take five and a half days to make. It does n’t have meat, but girl, if you want meat, add meat! Not huge on kale? exchange for spinach. These are my favorite kinds of fashions – bones
that just kind of let you do whatever you want to do and make it your veritably own.

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How To Make This Peanut Soup

Instant Pot Raise your hand if you got one for Christmas. Yeah? Good news, because this can be made in the Instant Pot!
Slow Cooker also a yes!
Stovetop ALSO a yes! In nearly the same quantum of time! You just need to babysit it a little more, but hey – babysitting garlic, onion, jalapeño, sweet potatoes, and a delicate haze base as it comes together happens to be my all- time favorite kind of babysitting.
Indurating it for mess fix OF COURSE YES! further on that Then.
So numerous options, all made easy when you have so little time.

Why I Love This Soup

This haze is cozy and lovely. It’s not too racy, although you could just forget the jalapeño altogether if you were upset about that. It has just the right balance of creaminess and kick and it reminds me of another interpretation of a good- for- you curry. Speaking of which, this would go great over some brown rice or quinoa.

You would not be sad if you made a skillet of socca( chuck
! briskly, caloric, crisp, gluten-free chickpea flat chuck
!) to go with this haze.
You have no defenses. I’m not letting you get out of making this form.

mask, haze mug, and Netflix, coming right over.

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