How to make chicken soup immunity system .

Grandma’s Super Chicken Soup for Your Immune System.

I ca n’t flash back the last time I had a cold or flu. I credit my Grandmother’s form and Homeopathy.

Then’s my Grandma’s funk haze form enhanced with redundant constituents that are known for precluding snap and flus. It’s warming, assuring and succulent.

I like to serve a funk regale one night and also save the bones and left- over meat to make a haze broth.

if you want to skip that whole thing by all means go to the store and snare a tinderbox of organic funk broth and you’re ready!
To make funk broth then’s a great website that explains it step by step.

Then’s how to make the Super Chicken Soup for your Immune System



2 medium to large onions, hulled and minced.
5 tbsp olive oil painting

4 garlic cloves diced
1.5 tbsp diced gusto

3 tbsp lawn fed adulation
1 tbsp dill & 1 tbsp basil( fresh or dried, double the quantum if fresh)

3 hulled & minced russet potatoes
1 tsp of ocean swab plus ocean swab to taste at the end of the form( 3- 5 tsp)

6 mugs fresh or store bought funk broth
1 tbsp thai green curry paste

1 tbsp miso
1 can of organic coconut milk

1- 2 mugs left- over funk pieces or 2 skinless boneless funk shanks diced to bite sized pieces.
1 mug red lentils

6 mugs of any admixture of veggies in season similar butternut squash, cauliflower, zucchini, sap, carrots, broccoli, peas, mushroomsetc.
2 tbsp juice of a fresh bomb

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finely diced coriander splint or basil splint to serve on top.



On medium heat, saute onions in olive oil painting until translucent.

Add diced garlic, gusto, adulation, dill, basil, diced potatoes and ocean swab.

Stir until you can smell a nice scent about 3 twinkles.

Add funk broth, thai curry, miso, coconut milk, funk, red lentils, squash, zucchini, cauliflower, and any other veggies you’re using.

Add 3-5 mugs of water if your funk broth is relativelyconcentrated.However, add 2- 3 mugs of water to make it soupy, If not.

Add further water as demanded. Gently poach on low to medium heat for2.5 hours.

Add swab and pepper to taste and juice of fresh bomb and stir.

Serve with diced basil or coriander splint on top with a sprinkle of parmesan rubbish. Enjoy!

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