How to make delicious mushroom soup

Arabia’s weather – mushrooms or mushrooms or what is known as mushrooms are a type of fungi, some of them are edible and others are poisonous, as there are many types of mushrooms to reach about 14,000 different types, and these types differ among themselves in terms of shape, Color, size, and non-toxic, edible types of mushrooms are distinguished by their high nutritional value and delicious taste.

The health benefits of mushrooms

1. Fighting cancer and strengthening immunity : This is because it contains powerful antioxidants, and some types of polysaccharides and fibers that have been found to have anti-cancer effects, such as: Linoleic Acid and Beta-Glucans. As mushrooms are a source of the mineral selenium, we find that it has a great role in enhancing immunity, preventing infections, enhancing the liver’s work in cleaning the body from toxins, and fighting the growth of cancer cells.

It is a source of folate, which has a role in promoting DNA formation, preventing mutations, and the formation of cancer cells.

2. Lowering blood pressure : Fresh white mushrooms are a rich source of potassium, which is important in maintaining fluid balance in the body and controlling blood pressure levels in the body. It is a source of dietary fiber and low in sodium, which makes it a suitable food for patients with pressure.

3. Lowering blood cholesterol : Mushrooms are considered a food free of fat or cholesterol and a source of fiber and many vitamins and minerals. The role of dietary fiber is known to reduce harmful cholesterol (LDL) and raise the level of good cholesterol (HDL), and mushrooms have a great role in promoting health. Heart and arteries, and prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

4. Bone strengthening : Fresh white mushrooms contain vitamin C, which is an important vitamin for building and maintaining body cells. It is involved in the composition of bones and teeth. Mushrooms are a source of calcium and vitamin D, and it has a role in preventing osteoporosis.

5. Prevention and treatment of anemia : Mushrooms or mushrooms are one of the good sources of iron of the good type, which is absorbed effectively in the body, making it a major role in the prevention and treatment of anemia.

6. The benefits of mushrooms for diabetics : As mushrooms are a source of dietary fiber and have a low GI and do not contain fat and cholesterol, so it is an ideal food for patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. The role of dietary fiber in controlling sugar levels is known. In the blood, mushrooms also have a great role in enhancing the work of the liver and pancreas and regulating the work of endocrine glands and hormones in the body.

And as it is rich in antioxidants, it will definitely help diabetics in preventing various infections that they may be susceptible to the most.

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Preparing mushroom soup with cream

Although there are many types of mushrooms that are safe to eat, there are some toxic ones, so it is advisable to buy mushrooms from a reliable source such as a vegetable seller or grocery store , and there are several delicious ways and recipes for eating mushrooms, whether it is raw with the authorities, or cooked, and we offer you a recipe Quick and easy to prepare mushroom soup with delicious cream .


1. Mushrooms cut into slices – 200 g

2. flour – 3 tablespoons

3. Small onions, finely chopped – 1

4. Mashed garlic – 2 tablets

5. Butter – two tablespoons

6. Chicken broth – two cups

7. Cooking cream – a cup

8. A pinch of pepper – a pinch of salt (to taste)

How to prepare

1. In a saucepan over medium heat, place the butter and cook the onions to become soft and translucent.

2. Add the garlic, salt and pepper and stir a little, then add the mushrooms and stir the ingredients until they overlap and wilt.

3. Put the flour on the ingredients and mix well so that it does not clump.

4. Pour the chicken broth, stirring, until the mixture thickens.

5. Add the cream and reduce the heat, stirring from time to time.

6. Serve the soup hot.

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