Soup for The Mood-Boosting : how to make

1. Matcha and Mushroom Soup

There is so much more to this vibrant soup than its a bright color and earthy flavor. Matcha tea is high in antioxidants as well as L-theanine, an amino acid that aids with anxiety and stress relief. Its umami profile goes nice with the spinach and mushrooms, too. Speaking of spinach, swap the frozen for fresh, fol ate-high greens that regulate mood and energy. Finally, the shiitake mushrooms are a source of copper, which will provide your immune system a boost.

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2. Ajiaco (Colombian Chicken, Potato and Corn Soup)

This isn’t only a warm, comforting dish for those a chilly winter days. The chicken includes tryptophan which produces serotonin, the hormone that stabilizes our moods and sleep patterns. Potatoes are a nice source of fiber, they are a source of the potassium that aids decrease blood pressure, and the skins include antioxidants, mainly in the purple variety used in this recipe.

3. 10-Minute White Bean Soup

This white bean soup is a nice one for quick winter lunches due to it takes minimal time and effort to prepare. The beans are rich and fiber and protein, and filled with good carbs to fuel you through your afternoon without feeling sluggish.

4. Portuguese Chourico and Kale Soup

Famous in seaside towns throughout New England, this soup is yummy and hearty enough to get you through the most blustery day. It has nutrient-dense kale, loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that have blood pressure lowering and anti-depressive properties. Chickpeas even add a protein and fiber increase to the soup, making you feel full longer

5. Glazed Salmon Miso Soup Rice Bowl

This drool-worthy dish has so much to aid you get through the short days and long nights of winter. Salmon includes Omega-3 fatty acids, renowned for their positive effects on the brain health. Miso is nice for gut health, and ginger has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Finally, seaweed is a source of dietary iodine that supports thyroid function, controlling things such as fatigue

6. Kimchi and Bacon Ramen

Fill your house with the heavenly aroma of leisurely weekend breakfasts any day of the week with this wealthy chicken, bacon and kimchi ramen. The fermented cabbage kimchi and miso are both best for your gut health, the ginger will aid you with the pesky winter sniffles, and protein from chicken, bacon and eggs will provide your body the fuel it requires to get through a grueling work day.

7. Immune-Boosting Bone Broth, Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Who knew that several nutrient-rich ingredients could work so beautifully together? This immune-increasing soup starts with a bone broth base, and adds turmeric, the anti-inflammatory superstar, garlic, known for its anti-bacterial powers, and shiitakes that support the growth of good bacteria in your gut. It warms you up and satisfies your appetite while helping keep you healthy. And when your body feels well , so does your mind.

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