The Best Unstuffed Cabbage Soup.

If you are a cabbage roll soup fan and you must try this keto unstuffed cabbage soup.

It is a got all the flavor you love without all the work in an easy to make low-carb soup recipe.

The Perfect Soup For Picky Eaters.

When you are a trying to feed a family.

it’s tough to navigate a menu planning and especially with picky eaters.

But , I have to say everyone loves this is soup an even picky kids.

My three year a old has really been into soup lately.

I’m not sure if it is because of the cooler weather and the fact that she is just likes to sip her food.

It’s a really tough when you have a picky eaters.

When I was a growing up and we just ate what we were given.

There is were no complaints or refusals.

My son and the oldest of three has a always been a great eater.

Then my two daughters a came along and were complete opposites.

My older daughter are refused to eat any vegetable right from the start as a baby.

It wasn’t until she was 18 that she decided to try a salads and vegetables.

When my youngest saw me a make this simple unstuffed cabbage soup recipe.

she wanted to a eat it immediately.

Although she is didn’t care for the meat and she was crazy about the rest .

What is In Unstuffed Cabbage Soup .

You all certainly get a enough to serve a large group of people.

And it is only calls for a couple of pounds of ground beef and a head of cabbage.

I used to Miracle Rice to keep it authentic and but you could leave that out if you wish.

the Cabbage is one of my favorite low carb vegetables and but I don’t eat it that often.

I need to start a buying it more often. It is has so many benefits!

One great way to a eat more cabbage with little work is to buy it pre-shredded.

Just pick up the coleslaw mix that does not have the added carrots.

You can also use any of the leftover coleslaw mix to make a super simple low carb skillet dish called crack slaw.

It is a yummy mix made with a cabbage and ground beef.

This is soup also has diced tomatoes, onion, and garlic in it.

For the broth and I used a combination of chicken bone broth and flavored it with Worcestershire sauce.

I prefer to make a my own Worcestershire sauce since I know what’s it in and I can make sure all the ingredients are keto-friendly.

How To Make Unstuffed Cabbage Soup.

I love that it is so simple to make a cabbage soup.

You are really just have to cook up the meat and then add in everything else.

And it is simmers on the stove and in the crock pot without needing much attention.

Use Miracle Rice For Low-Carb Cabbage Soup .

the Miracle rice gives this is soup bulk and makes it a lot more filling and adds to the texture too.

It is really does taste and feel just like white rice.

Miracle rice is made from also Konjac flour.

It is has zero net carbs and is gluten free a perfect choice for a keto meals!

This is Soup Makes 16 Servings .

This unstuffed cabbage soup recipe is made a lot of servings.

I’d say it was a about 16 bowls!

Since it was a way too much for us and I ended up giving half to my son to take back to college with him.

Since he is a busy studying and working on campus and he doesn’t have a lot of time to cook.

So, the soup is should give him a few healthy meals without worry.

When I made the soup and I had no idea it was a going to be such a large quantity.

I ended up a transferring it from a 6-quart pot to a 12-quart stock pot.

Other Recipes To Love.

I hope you enjoy this is tasty low carb soup.

It is certainly a comforting meal to come home to on a chilly fall evening!

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