The Best unstuffed pepper soup.

the Slow cooker unstuffed pepper soup is an simple and one-pot and tasty meal that you will want on your dinner table often!

This is wonderful dish is filled with savory ground beef , flavorful peppers, and tomato-y goodness.

I subscribe to the a notion that there is such a thing as “soup season”.

There is a no doubt that a filling and hearty soup can warm you from the inside out on a cold night.

However I think it is wonderful all year long!

This is a pepper soup crockpot recipe is a perfect example.

It is an simple meal that I know my family loves no matter what season it is.

the Busy nights don’t seem to have a “season”.

A Delicious recipes made with a simple ground beef and a whole bunch of peppers shouldn’t either, IMHO.

To make this simple stuffed pepper soup you will need:

Lean Ground beef – Brown beef and drain fat.
Onion – chopped
Bell peppers – chopped
Garlic – minced
Worcestershire sauce
Pepper – fresh ground, if possible
Canned diced tomato – with all juices
Tomato sauce
Beef Broth
Rice – fully cooked
Toppings – Fresh cilantro and shredded Monterey Jack or mozzarella cheese are all great choices – (optional)


The is Place beef into your crock pot followed by all remaining ingredients except rice and toppings.

A Stir , cover, and cook on low heat for 5-7 hours.

20-30 minutes a prior to serving and add in rice and stir to fully combine.

Add toppings such as a cheese and cilantro on each serving individually.


The a Both brown rice and white rice are great in this recipe.

Brown rice will a retain its shape and become slightly less mushy as it sits.

This is makes it a good option if you are know your soup won’t be served to all diners immediately.

If you are a looking to make this recipe low carb and substitute the rice with cauliflower rice.

Looking to a lighten things up? Feel free to replace the ground beef in this recipe with a ground turkey.

Not a fan of green peppers? Feel free to substitute whatever color peppers you can prefer.

A Red bell pepper will add a slightly sweeter flavor to your beef mixture.


This is a great recipe will quickly become a favorite of the whole family.

A hearty bowl of soup a like this one is really a full meal on its own.

the Serve as is with a loaf of crusty bread and cheesy garlic bread.

A crisp side salad and turkey salad are always great a additions to a big pot of soup.

I love serving this is dish with a side of slow cooker sweet corn spoon bread.

It is also wonderful served with a side of maple carrots and garlic mushrooms.


The Leftovers of this delicious soup can be a stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

It can also be a frozen for several months. An airtight container and zip-top bag is the best option for storing.

I was recommend storing leftovers in single-serving-sized containers/bags. This is allows for quick grab-and-go next day meals.

Keep in a mind that the longer this awesome recipe sits and the more the rice will start to break down.

This will make for a thicker soup when a reheated.

To thin it out and return the dish to more of a soup form and just add some additional broth.


A Fresh green bell peppers as well as a combination of sweet peppers are generally available to be a purchased already cut up.

They can be a found in both the fresh and frozen sections of your local grocery store.

Although a little pricier and using pre-cut vegetables makes this one of the best simple slow cooker recipes.

The Crockpot stuffed pepper soup is a great make-in-advance recipe.

You can also assemble all ingredients in the night before.

This is a great dish if your a people will be eating at different times.

After the cooking time and turn your slow cooker to warm .

Everyone can be have a hot and filling meal and no matter what time of the evening they are ready to eat.

I was always recommend the use of a slow cooker liner.

Of course, this is an optional step. I like to a purchase my liners in bulk for a less expensive per-piece price. Here are the liners I buy.

In the market for a new slow cooker? I like my new one!

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