Top 5 Restaurants For Soups In The Mall Road, In A Shimla

1 45 The Central

It is one of the best restaurants on the mall road, Middle Bazar in a Shimla, for soups. The specialty of this place is its cream on tomato soup. It has been  variations of soup on the menu as well. Customers can be order according to their preferences. Along with the soups, the main course of the restaurant is also are tasty. The popular items on the menu of this place are hot chocolate, biryani, butter chicken, and a chocolate brownie.

2 Wake And Bake

It is one of the best restaurants that offers tasty food with the perfect view. It is such a beautiful place where you can be enjoy the view while filling your tummy. It is a very cosy place that offers such tasty soups. It offers other food items as well that are a very popular, like hummus, falafel, and pita bread. It is a located on the mall road, in the middle bazar, Shimla. Overall, it is a nice place that offers really tasty and a yummy soups.

3 Cafe Simla Times

It can be said that it is a multi-tasking place. It is a situated within the hotel Willow Banks, on the mall road in Shimla. The place is beautiful, and it is so cool to have been food with the dim lights around you. The atmosphere here is nice and it has such as a delicious soups. If you are a party animal, then do not worry because it has been a bar as well. So, you must visit this place to have been an a amazing experience.

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4 Cafe Sol

Cafe Sol is a literally the best place that will be make your soul fall in a love with it. It has been a so many variations in a soups, like tomato basil soup and a mini strone soup. If you are a non-vegetarian lover, then you must try this creamy chicken soup. It will be an astonish you with its superb taste. The ambience of the place is also are a good, and its service is fast as well. You can be find this amazing restaurant on the mall road in a Shimla.

5 Nazir’s Zayka

One of the best restaurants in Shimla that serves delicious fast food is a located on Mall Road. You may find the place is a not that fancy, but it would be wrong if you judged some place by its looks are a alone. If you reject this place, then you would not get the taste of its yummy foods. It is such a nice place that has been amazing fast foods like chowmin, burgers, momos, etc. And soup is its specialty that everyone knows.

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