How to make this Vegetable soup in Iceland

We are a small family owned restaurant, located in the heart of Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland. We serve various sorts of delicious soups, panini’s, and other exciting dishes and of course freshly baked bread and desserts.

We started our company because we simply love soups. We come from a large family and throughout the years we have gathered on cold rainy days over hot soup, It’s a family tradition and just like in our family, we don’t let anyone leave hungry.. That’s why we offer a second serving on all of our soups and as much bread and butter you can eat!

It seems like Iceland is on everyone’s travel bucket list lately – and for good reason! There’s more to the country than amazing, picturesque landscapes and arguably the world’s most beautiful natural, hot springs. There’s also darn good food!

One of the tastiest foods I tried while there was kjötsúpa, Icelandic meat (lamb) soup. It was simple, satisfying, warming and delicious. The veggies were chopped into small pieces so each bite on my spoon had lamb, mixed veggies and savory, herb broth. I could eat it all day…

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1.Red hot lava soup

The Red hot lava soup is without a doubt our best seller. It’s a spicy meat soup with prime beef, black beans, red wine, onion, tomatoes, bay leaves, red lentils and more. We serve it in a black bread bowl and to make sure you don’t burn your tongue we leave a small bowl of Icelandic yoghurt on the side. Our full menu can be found at the menu bar on the top of this website.

2.Kjötsúpa: Icelandic Lamb Soup

One of Iceland’s most important dishes, kjötsúpa is a simple lamb soup made with winter root vegetables. It is a straightforward recipe that reflects the Nordic culture and the practice of cooking with what is in season and on hand. Truly authentic kjötsúpa has very little seasoning except for salt and pepper; however, this version includes thyme and oregano, bringing a little earthiness to the soup.

The lamb should be on the bone and can be thick chops or shoulder meat—whichever is less expensive. Cabbage, rutabagas, and carrots add a bright flavor and color to this traditional Icelandic lamb soup recipe—you can also include cauliflower if you like—and potatoes contribute a nice texture. This soup can be served with a thin broth as its base or thickened a bit with a grain, traditionally rolled oats, or rice, like in this recipe.

The recipe begins with browning the lamb pieces in garlic, and then boiling them along with sliced onion and brown rice in water; the herbs are added, and later the vegetables, and the soup is cooked until everything is tender. Once the lamb meat is removed from the bone, you can return it to the pot and simply ladle the soup into bowls.

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Kjötsúpa is a simple Icelandic lamb soup made from braising cuts of lamb or mutton and stored root vegetables. The meat is braised bone-in and creates its own stock while the coarse root vegetables give the soup a hearty texture and a subtle sweetne

A friend just left for a business trip to Scandanavia, and on a whim, he added a week-long stopover in Iceland as part of the return trip. He’s Swedish, and though he’s intimately familiar with his own food culture, he knew next to nothing about Iceland or Icelandic Food.

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We want your experience to be fantastic so we have chosen everything from the design, the furnitures and the people that work for us with great deal of care. We hope you enjoy it.

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We kindly ask you to make reservations for groups 6 people or more.

We wanted to bring some of our tastiest recipes alive and introduce it to the people of Vík and all the wonderful travellers that come through our little town.

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                       We like to believe we did that with flying colours! 

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