What Is The 15 Bean Soup (Easy Recipe)

15 Bean Soup( Easy Recipe)

This 15 Bean Soup Recipe is a classic, feel-good dish that will warm your body, heart, and soul. It’s so pleasurable it’s hard to stop at one coliseum.

Sure, it takes a while to make, but it’s surely worth it! One spoonful of this succulent soup is enough to put a smile on your face!

Looking for hearty comfort food that can feed a crowd? Say no further! This Recipe is all you ’ll need.

15 Bean Soup Recipe

15 Bean Soup is comfort food at its finest. It’s rich, delicate, hearty, and everything you can ever ask for in a soup !

After all, there are at least 15 kinds of tender, melt- in- your- mouth Bean in there.

Along with ham, celery, onions, garlic, sauces, and seasonings, it’s one of the best- tasting mists known to man.

Just be cautious of the fate. We all know about Bean being a musical fruit!


15 Bean Soup Mix – Traditionally, the Bean should be soaked in water overnight for faster cooking . But this Recipe makes use of a quick- soaking process that allows you to cook the soup in just 4 hours or lower.

Ham Hocks or Ham Bone – For that lovely meaty flavor. You can also use smoked link, Kielbasa, roaster funk, ground beef, or lemon.

Onion, Celery, Garlic – This is the sweet combination that serves as the flavor base of the soup . You can add carrots to the blend as well.

• Canned Tomatoes – Do n’t drain the juice, as you ’ll need that as well.

Parsley and Rosemary – For that touch of relish flavor.

• Salt and Pepper – To taste.

• Boullion Cubes – To flavor the broth. You can also use funk stock.

The 15 Bean Soup Recipe Video

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Tips for the Stylish 15 Bean Soup

Soak the Bean in water overnight for faster cooking .

Can’t find a 15 Bean Soup mix? Other dried bean mixes work, too. Or, you can simply use your favorite Bean with lentils.

Instead of the flavor packet, you can also use taco seasoning. It’s especially perfect if you ’re using ground beef or lemon!

still, don’t add them until the final 30 minutes of cooking , If you want brickle veggies.

Moniter the Bean as they poach. You do n’t want them to turn into paste!

The Recipe calls for cooking the soup on the stovetop, but you can also use the slow cooker.

Just leave all the constituents in there, sans the tomatoes and veggies, stir, and cover with the lid. Cook on high for 6 hours.


What Bean Are in 15 Bean Soup?

Black Beans

2. Small Red Beans

3. Kidney Beans

4. White Kidney Beans

5. Navy Beans

6. Great Northern Beans

7. Large and Baby Lima Beans

8. Pinto Beans

9. Green and Yellow Split Peas

10. Black-Eyed Peas

11. Lentils

12. Cranberry Beans

13. Chickpeas

14. Small White Beans

15. Pink Beans

What to Serve with 15 Bean Soup

Bean soup and cornbread make the perfect pair. The combination of the sweet and savory is absolutely divine! The crumbly texture of the cornbread also be works beautifully with the thick and creamy soup.

Aside from the cornbread, you can also pair bean soup with the any crusty bread. The texture contrast will be delightful. You must be pair it with sweet bread, too, like honey beer bread.

If you’re feeling extra hungry, serve it with the bowl of rice! This meal is sure to give you that necessary energy boost.

Want an even richer, cheesier meal? Top it with shaved parmesan or shredded cheddar cheese. You can be also top it with a dollop of sour cream or Greek yogurt.

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