How To Make Delicious Soups Keep you Warm:

They are a whole meal in itself depending upon the ingredients. Add as much or as little according to your needs and you can have a quick meal or a snack all ready to be savored.

1.Tomato Soup

You can noway go wrong with a coliseum of tomato haze. This classic haze is enjoyed far and wide, from caffs to indeed trains!

Brace this haze with some crisp deep- fried croutons and you’re ready for a soothing mess for the downtime.

2. Hot And Sour Soup

A pipeline hot coliseum of hot and sour haze on a wintery evening is each you need. Mushrooms, cabbage and carrots cooked in oriental flavours with funk. Indulge yourself in this super racy, pungent and savoury haze.

3. Tibetan Chicken Broth Soup

We all know Tibetan food just tastes absolutely succulent. And that’s why we’ve set up this succulent Tibetan funk broth haze for you to try.

The succulent flavour of funk broth makes this haze the perfect downtime dish to enjoy.

4. Lemon And Coriander Soup

The sourness of bomb is balanced out with the earthiness of coriander to give a soothing and succulent haze that isn’t only comforting but also healthy.

This coliseum of haze will give you warmth indeed when you’re sick.

5. Chicken Manchow Soup

If you love funk also we’ve a succulent haze for you. This manchow haze is filled with brickle and wholesome veggies and our favourite funk.

The racy and hot flavours make it the perfect haze for layoffs.


6. Minestrone Soup

Still, also minestrone haze is for you! This succulent haze is made with vegetables like onions, celery, If you’re a addict Italian food. At times, this haze also has pasta or rice.

7. Mulligatawny Soup

This desi haze is from Madras region and has rich flavour of spices, chillies, lentils, vegetables and further.

It tastes veritably analogous of the popular South Indian dish rasam but it has a coconut twist thanks to the use of coconut milk!

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