How to make Ginger Garlic Soup for Cold .

Home remedy for cold and cough gusto garlic haze is perfect to boost impunity and get relieve from traffic, watery nose, sore throatetc. in downtime.

One food that can bring us comfort in the truest sense during downtime is a pipeline hot coliseum of haze. When you aren’t feeling well, and not in your stylish mood, heavy, slithery foods are a big no- no.

A light mess of haze, which is high on nutritive value, is the stylish thing to soothe your soul and make you feel more incontinently. And if the same coliseum of haze can also help palliate your sickness, nothing differently can be better.

¬†What’s the most common illness we suffer from in downtime? Cold and cough, right? So, then we’ve a haze that’s perfect to give relieve from traffic, watery nose, sore throat etc. gusto garlic haze will be your go- to mess and home remedy for seasonal illness once you will try it.

It’s easy to make and contains two important foods that are known to combat cold and cough effectively. gusto For impunity According to’ Healing Foods’ book by DK Publishing House,” gusto contains some unpredictable canvases that areanti-inflammatory in nature. Hence, gusto is considered a great remedy for flu and headaches.”

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Garlic For Immunity

Sulphur present in garlic is known to combat infections with itsanti-inflammatory and antiviral parcels. Garlic is veritably effective against seasonal cold and cough.

 How To Make gusto Garlic Soup ? Ingredients

10 cloves garlic, crushed

 inch gusto, grated

 tomato, diced

1 carrot, diced

 tbsp sludge flour

 swab to taste

 Black pepper greasepaint to taste


 Step 1– Heat 1 tbsp oil painting in a visage and saute gusto and garlic.

 Step 2– Add diced tomatoes and carrots and saute for 2 twinkles.

 Step 3– Add water as per the viscosity and volume of haze you want. Bring it to boil. Add swab and black pepper greasepaint. Cover the visage and let it cook for 5 twinkles.

 Step 4– Make sludge flour slurry by mixing sludge flour with water, stir well. Add sludge flour slurry to the haze. Cook for another 2- 3 twinkles.

 Serve hot!

 You can also add other veggies like onions, peas, sludge, cabbage etc. and indeed funk to this haze. Another way to make this healthy downtime haze is by garnishing it with coriander leaves.

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